Inbox Insight release Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Research Report 2023

Inbox Insight has released a free, fully interactive research report titled: “Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Research Report 2023“. This comprehensive report aims to provide B2B marketers with the latest ABM research to truly understand the current state of ABM in the B2B space.

It takes a deep dive into ABM adoption and effectiveness in 2023 across the UK and US while uncovering the top obstacles hindering ABM strategies from reaching best-in-class status.

Supported by first party research conducted on over 200 senior B2B marketing professionals within the Insights for Professionals (IFP) community, it compares findings across different levels of ABM maturity ranging from early-stage adoption to fully synchronized approaches. By analyzing the data, the report aims to provide actionable insights to help companies optimize their ABM strategies for maximum effectiveness and ROI.

Just over a quarter (27%) of B2B marketers are allocating 50% or more of their overall marketing budget to ABM in 2023, compared to over a third (36%) in 2020. The UK is the most conservative, with 81% allocating under half their overall budget to ABM while over a third of the US allocate over 50%. This is why finetuning ABM activities to achieve the maximum potential from budgets is now more crucial than ever.

What is encouraging to see, however, is that over half of UK (61%) and US (55%) B2B marketers plan to increase their ABM spend over the next 12 months – indicating that despite the uncertain economic climate, businesses are still keen to prioritize ABM for the unrivalled benefits it can bring to the table.

It’s also important to recognize the top challenges faced by companies implementing ABM. In the UK, talent and skills is regarded as the main obstacle (34%), while US companies struggle more with limitations in technology and tools (32%). This may account for why 25% of US marketers only use a MAP and CRM to support their ABM. Insights like these allow a clear understanding of the current state of ABM so that gaps can be addressed with solutions to alleviate the pains.

Contributor to the guide Rebecca Tebbutt, Senior Marketing Manager at Inbox Insight, believes: “In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, B2B marketers need to continue to evolve their ABM practices to create lasting relationships with their customers to drive revenue growth and remain competitive”.

When asked why they released the guide at this time, Paul David, Chief Growth Officer, said: “While ABM remains a powerful approach to targeting high-value accounts and generating revenue for companies, it appears B2B marketers on both sides of the Atlantic still have a way to go to unlock its full potential”.

He continues….. “ABM budgets are set to rise this year, yet ROI will not be realized until a tangible solution to the reported skills gaps, tech limitations and resource restraints has been adopted by businesses operating ABM at all maturity levels”.

Interested parties can find the guide ready to download, for free, here.

Inbox Insight was founded in 2010 and is a B2B demand generation specialist within the B2B digital marketing industry. It is best known for enabling brands across the globe to reach the right decision makers within their target accounts and engage them through a series of tailored multichannel strategies.

Its unique position within its industry gives it the authority to produce such a report as all research was conducted among senior B2B marketing professionals within the IFP community, all of who are relevant decision makers within their company.

Senior B2B marketers looking for a sound understanding of the different levels of ABM maturity at play, along with actionable insights to help optimize their ABM strategies for maximum effectiveness and ROI, should consider this a valuable asset.

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The full report “Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Research Report 2023 ” can be downloaded now on the Inbox Insight website.

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