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Importance Of Giving Job Opportunities To People With Disabilities

Many businesses consider it important to include hiring people with disabilities in the workforce for the many benefits it can provide.

Providing Work Experience for People with Disabilities

Work experience is a way of providing people with disabilities the opportunity to observe and take part in the many daily activities that take place in a workplace. This is usually unpaid work performed over a limited period. Some work experience opportunities can last for about two to three weeks while others may be provided full time. In some instances,  work experience arrangements may include a day or two per week over several weeks. Reach out Good Sammy, they create meaningful employment opportunities and pathways for Western Australians with disabilities. 

Benefits of Hiring People With Disabilities

People with disabilities make reliable employees.

The results of many studies show that they make reliable employees and normally have a higher overall job retention rate. It has also been found that they generally take fewer days off work and are more likely to stick to the job for longer than non-disabled workers.

Workers with disabilities are less likely to experience work-related accidents than other employees. 

Two studies have concluded that employees with disabilities performed significantly higher in the area of safety than workers without disabilities. This means that workers with disabilities are likely to be more conscious and aware of workplace safety than their counterparts without disabilities. Both these studies included work in different types of jobs including operational, labor, clerical, service areas, and managerial positions.

Businesses that hire employees with disabilities may be eligible to receive tax credits and other incentives.

Certain tax credits can aid eligible businesses in hiring and accommodating people with disabilities. Most of these tax credits are awarded to businesses to compensate for expenses incurred for purchasing special adaptive equipment or covering the costs associated with any modifications required to provide ready access to their premises.

Workers with disabilities can increase diversity in the workplace.

It has been found that all workers benefit from a diverse workplace environment, whether they have disabilities or not. Employees who work alongside workers with disabilities are known to become more aware of how to make workplace settings more accessible to workers with disabilities. They consider things they had never thought of before such as the challenges faced by people with disabilities such as accessibility difficulties. On the other hand, workers with disabilities can teach their coworkers more creative ways to accomplish tasks and help solve problems.

People with disabilities are as capable as workers without disabilities.

This is one of the most difficult things to understand when it comes to hiring people with disabilities. Employers are often reluctant to hire workers with disabilities because they are under the impression that they are incapable of performing a job to the same standards as a worker without disabilities. This is because most employers are unaware of the many devices and adaptive techniques available that allow people with disabilities to perform their work properly. Like any job candidate, workers with disabilities only apply for jobs they believe they are capable of performing and qualified to do. Chances are that any doubts that employers may have had about how well a worker with disabilities will be able to perform a particular task have already been thought of and a solution has probably been found to overcome it.

Benefits of Work Experience for People with Disabilities

One of the key benefits of work experience is that it can show a potential employer what type of tasks workers with disabilities are capable of doing and how well they can perform the required tasks. At the same time, it allows people with disabilities to build their skill sets that engender a positive attitude and eagerness towards their work. It is also a valuable way for them to find out which jobs are to their liking and a great way to improve their resumes. 

Work experience is a great way for an employer to assess how the skills of a person with disabilities can match the particular type of job available. It also allows an employer to observe what changes can be made to the workplace to accommodate workers with disabilities and enable them to do a better job.