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The recently published report elaborates on various opportunities teachers have when it comes to taking on additional jobs. Boasting a vast panorama of skills, from communication and patience to creativity and organization, educators have a large pool of options to choose from during the summer when they are out of the classroom.

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With many parents seeking additional help outside school for their children, Crucial Construct points to tutoring as one of the most suitable side jobs for teachers. Crucial Constructs’ latest report also lists several websites that educators can utilize to find tutoring opportunities.

Another possible avenue for teachers the report suggests is instructing an online course, which can be developed through various platforms like Coursera or Udemy. These sites allow teachers to create a course without having to take an active role: once the course has been created, the teacher’s work is done, the report notes.

If teachers go this route, Crucial Constructs recommends taking an online course for themselves to get a better understanding of how to best structure their online course.

Educators who are bilingual or multilingual can also consider taking a side job as a translator. Given the continuing growth of international businesses and the need for literary and local translators to support the development of their overseas operations, the demand for translators is significant. All a teacher needs is reliable internet access, Crucial Constructs says.

Lesson planning is also an area that teachers can exploit as a side job. If teachers have developed a system that really engages their own students, they could market it to colleagues who are looking for ideas on how to build their lessons.

Teachers who are eager to land a side job for the summer can also consider becoming a babysitter, camp therapist, tourist guide, or opening an Etsy store, according to the report.

A spokesperson for crucial constructs said: “Some jobs can be done at night and during the summer in a way that will both get teacher’s money and help them flex their teaching muscles. Teachers have many useful skills inside and outside the classroom- why not use them for money?”

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