Hydrogen Powered Car to Compete with EV Market

Hydrogen Powered Car

Unique Hydrogen Technology Developed over 7 years to Address Future Clean Green Automotive Industry with Complete New Direction in Protecting the Environment from Fossil Fuel Hydrocarbon Emissions

Snow Hill, Maryland Oct 3, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – TITR will be looking for strategic partners in 2023 for bringing this unique clean energy technology from the lab to marketable products.


The production of hydrogen from a water source for PEM fuel cells.

The prototype of the Thomas Hydrogen Gas Generator is now working for over 7 years with very little maintenance and will be designed to fit in the trunk of a car or truck.

Major cost savings for families. Many new energy products are on the horizon.

The only advanced hydrogen automotive system in the world that will produce 100% hydrogen H2 that can run 3 Kw PEM fuel cell and Up using water as a fuel source. Safe, Cheap, and No travel limits.

300 watts of 12-volt battery or car DC/DC converter to produce green clean hydrogen gas (THG) which is carbon neutral.

TITR (Thomas Institute for Technology Research) has technology that will enable the SAFE manufacture and production of Thomas Hydrogen Gas (THG). Technology allows continuous THG production 24 x 7.

TITR’s invention is a unique gas production technology that will allow THG gas production from water in high volumes. Easy to manufacture THG gas with our technology but nearly impossible to make pure HG (hydrogen gas) with NO Oxygen or other gases produced.

It is the intention of the technology for use as an energy source in PEM fuel cells, NO need for hydrogen power charging stations anywhere on Earth or in space will be needed.

Produce hydrogen in your automobile while driving anywhere.

Here is the ultimate clean energy technology. Every automobile is its own energy production system.

The company expects its unique development of a transformational approach to low-cost high volume THG gas manufacturing and technology for the developing hydrogen car market.

The TITR Knowledge on HG implies that THG will greatly improve driving capacities, safety, and transportation bringing about a new direction in PEM fuel cell powered cars for future carbon-free energy applications helping to protect and keep the environment safe for the future.

The world’s future in clean energy could see hydrogen energy be the energy of the future as several countries are looking to produce hydrogen to offset carbon emissions worldwide.

As this and other clean green technologies are developed and come to market TITR has learned to SAFELY manufacture with a major technology break thru 5 years ago.

THG will be produced on a small footprint device that fits in the trunk of a car and can produce 1 liter every 8 seconds of PURE Hydrogen H2.

In electrical terms, the energy density of hydrogen is equal to 33.6 kWh of usable energy per kg, versus diesel which only holds about 12-14 kWh per kg. What this really means is that 1 kg of hydrogen, used in a fuel cell to power an electric motor, contains approximately the same energy as a gallon of diesel.

The British thermal unit (BTU) is a measure of energy production. Molecular hydrogen (H2) carries 2.7X higher energy per unit mass than gasoline (1 kg of H2 has approximately the energy content of one gallon (2.7 kg) of gasoline). Hydrogen (H2) has 33 kWh per kilogram versus lithium battery of 250 to 700 watts maximum per kilogram.

Thomas Hydrogen Gas (THG) is 100 % green, clean, and environmentally safe, with safe production knowledge.

No high-pressure bottles, no electric charging stations, un-limited travel un-tethered to any fuel source other than any water source.

No fires or explosions like current market EV automobiles. No expensive Li battery replacements.

No hard-to-find charging stations, No long charging times, and No limited travel like EV automobiles.

Source :Thomas Institute for Technology Research

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