Hybrid Exchange Tradecurve Sees over 10,000 Sign Ups For Its Presale In its first month

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The past year has been a difficult time for cryptocurrency exchanges. After the collapse of FTX, many investors started to lose confidence in exchanges, questioning how their assets were being handled. Now, in the past week the SEC has filed a lawsuit against Coinbase and Binance, as well as added a number of cryptocurrencies to its list of securities, with huge long-term implications for the market.

This has triggered a substantial increase in the number of investors leaving centralized exchanges for decentralized alternatives. Over the next month, billions worth of assets are predicted to be moved from exchanges like Robinhood and Huobi to decentralized options. This has created a gap in the market for Tradecurve, an innovative new hybrid exchange. Offering the benefits of decentralized and centralized options, Tradecurve looks to build a community of 100,000 investors in its first month.


Why Are Investors Choosing Tradecurve Over Other Exchanges?

Tradecurves exchange offers a number of advantages over traditional options. As a decentralized platform, it removes traditional barriers to entry while also letting investors retain full control of their assets.

To help guarantee a great trading experience, Tradecurve will offer leverage of 500:1, fast transaction execution and negative balance protection to keep investors safe. Furthermore, trading fees, which are a common issue in the market, will be kept to a minimum to help investors maximize potential returns.

Instead of needing to worry about the threat of regulation, all trading will be completed anonymously. To sign up to Tradecurve, investors will simply be able to use their email. No KYC checks will be implemented and investors will be able to trade traditional and DeFi with external wallets like Metamask. Once an investor has finished trading, they can disconnect until they want to trade again.


Tradecurves Educational Features

As well as the demand for security and anonymity, the Tradecurve developers also noticed an educational divide in the market. To help close this gap, Tradecurve will offer three different features catered to different types of investors.

The first feature, a metaverse trading academy, is designed for investors just starting their trading journey. In the academy investors will be able to take lessons on the basics of trading such as how to read charts, how to place a trade and the different types of trading strategies.

The second feature, a copy trading subscription, is designed for experienced and new investors. This service will let advanced traders generate an income from subscribers looking to copy their trades. In the process, less experienced investors will have the chance to learn from some of the market&#39;s most successful experts.

The final feature, an AI copy subscription, is designed for investors who dont have the time to conduct hours of market research. For a fixed fee investors will be able to subscribe to trading algorithms with a positive track record to build their portfolios.


How You Can Get Involved In The Tradecurve Presale

Tradecurves native token, TCRV, has already increased in value by 75% since its presale began, attracting over 10,000 sign ups in the process.

With price experts suggesting its value could 50x before its presale ends, Tradecurve is in extremely high demand.

To get involved, investors can buy TCRV tokens for $0.018 via the official Tradecurve website. Though with stage three over 30% sold out, tokens are predicted to increase to $0.025 by the end of June.

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Tradecurve is a hybrid trading exchange that combines the best elements of centralized and decentralized exchanges. Tradecurve enables users to effortlessly trade forex, stocks, commodities and crypto all from one account without the need to fulfil strenuous KYC requirements. We believe that trading should be borderless and everyone should have the opportunity to control their financial futures, welcome to the future of online trading.

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