HVAC Small Business Accounting Software for QuickBooks Announced by Rillion

Rillion, a leading provider of accounts payable automation software, has announced small business accounting software for HVAC companies and contractors using QuickBooks.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning organizations are looking to automate their accounts payable process with small business accounting software for HVAC. Instead of performing repetitive manual work, owners and finance administrators use accounts payable software to reduce manual errors, avoid missing invoices and speed up the approval process.

HVAC companies have a large number of supplier invoices to contend with because of the amount of inventory they carry in their vehicles and in the shop. They typically keep a thirty day supply of inventory that has to be continually restocked and paid for.

Rillion automates the processing of vendor invoices. It captures vendor invoice data, sends approvals out in a workflow to HVAC employees, and connects to both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

Owner operators of HVAC companies eliminate hand keying invoice data into QuickBooks. That’s because the Rillion invoice processing software scans both email and mailed invoices and populates the data fields in a central dashboard. Finance administrators avoid the drudgery of manual data entry and enjoy seeing all the vendor invoice information they need in one place.

“Rillion helps HVAC organizations avoid repetitive manual work,” said Paul Mullis, Rillion North America, “as HVAC operators are looking to automate vendor invoice processing with online software that is easy to use and fast to setup.”

Instead of keeping vendor invoices in various folders and using spreadsheets and email to get invoice approvals, Rillion’s cloud software sends invoices out for approval in an automated workflow to employees who manage the purchase. Approvers can approve invoices in the field on a laptop, tablet or mobile device with one click.

HVAC business administrators will often use various folders or storage systems to store both current and paid supplier invoices, making it time consuming to look for specific information. Rillion has an advanced search function that can find any data on any invoice, with storage in the cloud that makes finding a specific invoice fast and efficient.

Once Rillion captures invoice data the invoice shows up in an intuitive central dashboard showing approval status and where the invoice is in the approval process. Administrators can code the invoice using an AI powered assistant that learns coding preferences over time.

Some HVAC organizations may have multiple entities or multiple locations under one company brand. Rillion gives users the option to have 3 different environments at no extra charge.

Rillion is compatible with QuickBooks and an activation team helps administrators get setup. Once the setup is complete data is automatically retrieved from QuickBooks including suppliers, chart of accounts, cost centers and more.

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Rillion provides accounts payable automation solutions to over 3,000 customers worldwide. The AP automation solution includes capture, invoice processing, approval workflow, PO matching, auditing and a searchable vendor invoice archive.

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