Hutano Launches Its Online Healthcare Marketplace for Physicians, Physical Therapists, Dentists and Chiropractors.

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Hutano, a Las Vegas company, recently launched an App that allows patients to find healthcare providers like doctors, physical therapists, dentists, and chiropractors, book appointments, discover prices, and store medical documents.

Las Vegas, Nevada Feb 1, 2023 ( – The CEO of Hutano, Ephraim Makuve, a physical therapist and a software engineer, explains the healthcare problems Hutano solves, saying the company solves “access, cost, and efficiency.”

Traditionally, finding healthcare providers uses outdated technologies like phones and faxes. Hutano, while not the first to solve the problem of access using an app or website to find providers and book appointments, Hutano has gone a few steps further to smooth the patient journey. In addition to easing the path to finding healthcare providers, Hutano also makes it easy to access providers a patient has seen previously to set up future appointments quickly. Furthermore, patients can narrow their search to clinicians in their neighborhood and by specialty. As a result, providers on the platform enjoy the benefits of reaching patients in their community; because Hutano says these are the providers who would typically do business with them. Ephraim also explains how Hutano inadvertently saves healthcare providers in marketing costs; because Hutano reaches patients in providers’ neighborhoods.

Ephraim says one of the reasons for the high cost of healthcare is because of its high overhead. However, Hutano lowers operating overhead in several ways:

First, the company removes the need for patients to call providers’ offices to book an appointment. Second, Hutano reduces administrative costs associated with managing appointment reminders, rescheduling, and scheduling appointments. On Hutano, patients can manage appointments independently using the company’s App.
Third, Hutano reduces the cost of collecting money from cash-paying patients – because Hutano has a payment gateway integrated into the platform.
Lastly, Hutano minimizes the cost of telehealth, onsite, and EMR technology because the platform integrates all these features in one seamless experience.

Makuve comments that when technology saves healthcare providers money and time, they can pass the savings to patients.

Additionally, because we live in an era of high insurance deductibles and the growing number of uninsured patients who prefer who can only for cash for healthcare in cash take advantage of Hutano’s price transparency. Also, because Hutano requires healthcare providers to display out-of-pocket prices, providers can use Hutano to grow or start a cash practice.

Healthcare is notorious for redundancy. Ephraim pointed out one area where redundancy is rife and needs disruption – paperwork! Instead of filling intake forms in the provider’s presence, Hutano allows patients to use their App in the comfort of their homes. By the time the patient is sitting in front of the healthcare providers, the provider has in their possession all the information required to start the interview process – saving time. Ephraim says in addition to saving time, redundancy reduction eliminates errors due to transcription. More than intake forms, Hutano allows patients to upload medical documents like lab and MRI reports for sharing with healthcare providers and storage.

Once a patient has entered information into Hutano, it saves that information for future visits. In other words, patients no longer need to enter demographic information like date of birth before every appointment.

Furthermore, Hutano automatically transfers patient information into the provider’s documentation – saving providers at least 15% documentation time.

Patients who take their vitals before appointments can save even more time by sharing them with the providers on Hutano. As a result, providers can diagnose and treat patients more efficiently.

Ephraim says that as a clinician, the most crucial part of any encounter is the follow-up plan. On Hutano, follow-up appointments can be completed on the platform saving the patient from having to set up follow-up appointments later. In addition, having follow-up appointments set up before patients leave an encounter increases the chances of the patient complying with the plan of care significantly; research has shown.

Hutano, according to Ephraim Makuve, compliments several platforms already in the marketplace. Specifically, Hutano lowers the barrier to providers participating in a marketplace where patients and healthcare providers can engage virtually, onsite, or in the clinic. Also, it allows patients and providers to exchange information necessary for a smooth encounter before and aftercare.

Hutano solves the common bottlenecks in the five steps required to access care – booking appointments, scheduling, documentation, and follow-up care.

Hutano is now accepting providers and healthcare providers. Patients can download the App on the App Store and Google Play Store and start discovering providers and uploading medical documents. Providers can sign up on and begin building a telehealth, onsite, or clinic visit business.

Hutano’s service is free to patients. However, healthcare providers can pay $20 per referral or $300/per month for unlimited referrals.

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