Huntington Beach Buccal Massages: Facial Sculpting & Lifting Services Updated

With the update, Agnes Beauty and Wellness clients now have access to a relaxing face sculpting treatment that promotes the self-healing of the skin and removes toxic blockages. The treatment takes 60 minutes and should be repeated every 3 to 4 weeks depending on individual needs.

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Agnes Beauty and Wellness’ Buccal Facial Massage is a specialized intraoral massage that targets the muscles on the inside and outside of the mouth, jaw, and cheeks. The treatment is designed to re-train these muscles by simultaneously relaxing them and working them out, and in doing so, improve skin function, appearance, and feel.

During a Buccal Facial Massage, the esthetician massages both the internal and external facial muscles using precise and gentle movements. Because this involves going inside the mouth, they wear gloves during the intraoral portions. They also massage the head and the neck.

The treatment is meant to be relaxing and soothing while also being beneficial to the skin. By releasing tension, promoting lymphatic drainage, and enhancing facial contours the skin should get tighter, firmer, and more sculpted. The Buccal Facial Massage has also been proven to help with nighttime teeth grinding, blood circulation, and TMJ disorders.

Agnes Beauty and Wellness’ owner and head esthetician Agnes Grumslys performs the Buccal Facial Massages herself. She is the only practitioner of the treatment in Orange County, and one of only a few in the world who learned the technique directly from its creator, Yakov Gerskovich.

“I just got a Buccal Facial Massage from Agnes Beauty and Wellness and I feel wonderful,” said a satisfied client. “My face feels so fresh and sculpted. I’ve never had a facial done before and I’m glad my first one was with Agnes. She is extremely passionate about her work and does an amazing job. I’m definitely going to be seeing her more in the future.”

To book a Buccal Facial Massage, clients can call the number provided in the description or schedule an appointment through the Agnes Beauty and Wellness website. The cost of the service may vary depending on which promotions the spa is running.

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