Hunter Cohen on getting the best out of shoots in the Photography Industry

Following your passion and doing what you love will make your life a full-time vacation. Pursuing what you are passionate about will never let you get tired of work. Such an example of someone who followed his dreams and succeeded in his passion is Hunter Cohen, the renowned photographer, and cinematographer based in Los Angeles, California.

Hunter Cohen is a professional photographer and cinematographer. He started from a very young age; at 12 years old, he learned to operate a DSLR, and at 14, he got his first opportunity of covering a wedding and never stopped excelling in his field. He then worked for a wedding company to music videos, shot corporate videos, and many more. Likewise, he also did a side jobs as a waiter and a in warehouse to bear the expenses; however, he has been pursuing photography as a full-time job for 4 years. He got his high school diploma though a diploma program called The Work Group located in Pennsauken, New Jersey and then transferred to film school. Hunter left film school very early as he thought it was really not his thing to study in a typical education system.

Hunters Family:

Hunter lived with both his parents (Lee & Gayle) in New Jersey. He spent his childhood in Voorhees and grew up beside his older brother (Drew). Since he was a child, he wanted to work and make money. He was always looking up for opportunities to make some extra cash. Later, when he was 12, he learned to DJ. From his earnings as a DJ at a young age, he saved up to bought his first camera. He was a hard worker and always grabbed opportunities. Moreover, Hunter had a supportive family who always encouraged him and never oppressed him into doing anything that he did not wish to. This was a major plus point for him.

Photography is a field that requires love and passion. Like all creative arts, it cannot be forced or even learned if the person has no interest in it. Hunter was 14 years old when he got his first opportunity, and since then, he knew what he was meant for. He had all the required love and passion for the field. He was a hard worker from the start and always seeks to learn something new from every experience. He is always improving and learning, and that is what makes his work so special. Furthermore, he also believes that every creative artist has his own style and his own aesthetics, which makes his work distinctive; there is nothing best or worst about an artist. All are unique in their own ways.

Hunters Philosophy

Hunter believes in following the path your heart desires. He says that one should always pursue his own passion, ignoring what society pressures him to do. Facing failures adds to your success. One should never be afraid of it and should keep working till the end. He credits his success to the fact that he followed and worked hard for what he loves. His positive attitude helped him create his career as a photographer and cinematographer. He was a creative child and had his keen observation for everything.

Hunter is very passionate about his work and plans to continue in this field forever. He has no plans of quitting this field but learning even more and never stopping. He wants to work more in the music industry as he loves capturing musicians and artists at their prime and then at the low for how every person is so ordinary and capable at the same time. His work guarantees showcasing a journey, product, or business at its best. He claims that his photography brings out the best from a thing. In today’s world, everything is online, which means people judge you from the content you create; thus, a photograph should present your work in its true manner. So, investing in a good photographer is a need now.

Hunters Advice to Everyone

He advises the starter to be brave when it comes to making up for your career. Being too careful and serious about something only limits opportunities and new ideas. To achieve something big, one has to take risks and not care about failure.