Hunger Cravings Suppressant Nutrition Guide Suggestions For Women Launched

Fitness Fahrenheit has launched a new nutrition guide for women. It details 19 practical ways to control hunger cravings for personal health.

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The newly launched guide was written by Koji Lopez, Fitness Fahrenheit’s founder. Lopez is also a personal trainer and has published many articles based on fitness, weight loss, weightlifting, and various diets.

According to the guide, individuals who diet with personal health and weight loss goals in mind often end up feeling hungry. It is this hunger, the trainer explained, that often leads to diet crashing after some time.

With this understanding in mind, Koji came up with the 19 practical nutritional tips which are designed to help one live healthier and even lose weight without feeling famished. Among the tips expounded on are having a protein-rich breakfast, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep.

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Koji’s guide also advises on practicing intermittent fasting as a means of curbing one’s cravings. Aside from cutting hunger pangs, intermittent fasting is also beneficial for the shedding of weight and the prevention of certain diseases.

Working out before meals is also another means of suppressing cravings, according to the guide. This is especially true for high-intensity workouts, which serve to promote what is referred to as post-workout hunger. When this hunger or energy deficit is satisfied then one feels filled for longer periods.

The use of probiotics is also encouraged to curb hunger pangs. Without the presence of good gut bacteria, which are promoted by probiotics, one’s hunger cravings can become uncontrollable.

Consuming fiber-rich foods and increasing one’s magnesium intake are also among the 19 tips for cutting hunger cravings. According to the guide, eating fiber-rich foods help to slow down the rate at which the stomach is emptied, thus reducing the urge to eat again soon. Meanwhile, eating more veggies that contain magnesium can help to cut back cravings for certain foods like chocolate.

Apple cider vinegar, coffee, peppermint, ginger, and dark chocolate are also known to help cut back cravings when consumed. As such, the consumption of these along with mindful eating, stress management, brushing one’s teeth, and eating from small plates are encouraged by the guide.

Koji concludes the article by encouraging readers to carefully select which of the tips provided works best for them and following them. By doing this, one can expect that weight management and unwanted weight gain will become a thing of the past.

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