HubbleBit Broker Reports Which Cryptocurrency Will be The Next Bitcoin? (Predictions for 2022)

London, UK, 14h Feb 2022, Binary News Network, There are a lot of great cryptocurrencies out there, so it can be hard to figure out which ones will succeed. This article explores five top-rated crypto projects for 2022 with promising future potential and different levels of risk that you might want to look at depending on your portfolio size!

First, let’s briefly talk about what makes a great cryptocurrency. Of course, the characteristics of any currency are security, scalability, and usability. For long-term growth, though, stability is needed because people need to be able to predict how much something will be worth tomorrow without seeing wild volatility swings. This doesn’t mean that there can’t ever be volatility because it’s part of the blockchain game theory but rather that you want to see an upward trend over time so that there isn’t price uncertainty during longer periods of holding the coin (which would discourage further investment). 

So, for this list, the broker, Kate Hamilton from HubbleBit, is focusing on currencies with lots of potential for near-term growth that seem likely to become solid whale investments – basically, whales love these cryptos too!

#1 Lucky Block: 

With the launch of Lucky Block, players will be able to access global lotteries in a secure and transparent way. With its innovative blockchain-based system for managing jackpots across borders without Ticket Reservation Systems (TKS), this exciting new project has set out not just aim at disrupting one industry but rather doing so on many levels – from providing transparency all along every step during ticket sales through offering odds that are better than any other gambling website available today!

With a lot to look forward to in this project, there’s no better time than now! The value has already been increasing by over 1k since it first traded on Pancakeswap just last week. And you can bet that if Lucky Block gets listed soon at Binance– one of the most prestigious exchanges around these days- then its values will really skyrocket even higher than before.

#2 Opporty:

The goal of Opporty is to become a multifunctional business relationships ecosystem that will automate businesses processes using smart contracts. With its team that consists of professionals who hold MBA degrees, as well as those with C-suite experience at Fortune 500 companies, this project is poised to bring about change and disruption across three main areas by providing for cryptographic exchange systems, online business marketplaces, and transparent deal security among many other things. 

Just look at what they’ve already accomplished so far! And with their launch on Binance only set to take place in the near future– there’s no better time than now to get on board! The values have already been climbing since it first hit exchanges earlier this year.

#3 Nukleus:

A project that has the potential to disrupt and revolutionize both the remittance and e-commerce industry, Nukleus is a decentralized app (DApp) running on the global Ethereum platform. With its team of 8 core members plus three advisors and 22 early contributors, this one definitely looks like it’s going places! And with high profile exchanges listing near term such as Binance, there’s no better time than now to invest!

It only recently went live, but already, it’s gaining mainstream attention from many investors looking for something new and promising to get involved within this space! Even Justin Sun– CEO of TRON Foundation, just tweeted out about this project which resulted in over 200k members joining its Telegram chat group in less than 24 hours!

#4 Dogecoin

With a price of less than $30 per token, Dogecoin is one the best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022 according to its recent rise from heading towards depression at around December when it hit its lowest point then up until July when there were even higher heights reached by many investors who believed this could be an accurate prediction tool for future investment returns given how far they’ve come already during such a short period time span.

Investing in Dogecoin is a savvy investment strategy. The cryptocurrency has dropped 80% from its mid-2021 highs, making it an excellent time to buy cheap coins before Elon Musk revisits his interest and prices rebound even more.!

Dogecoin is one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy. It has outperformed many digital assets since the beginning of the year, limiting its downside significantly during this bear market. Dogecoin also functions as a smart way for Elon Musk to increase his wealth if he decides to invest again after congratulating Jackson Palmer on Twitter for his successful joke.

#5 EOS

EOS is another promising project with a lot of potential for future growth in its current price bracket. With the ability to process millions of transactions per second coupled with zero transaction fees, this one’s definitely got some legs when it comes to its application across various industries. It also has the added advantage of being one of the best-decentralized blockchain platforms available on top of all that! 

Disclaimer: Our content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own research before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances. You should take independent financial advice from a professional in connection with, or independently research and verify, any information that you find on this article and wish to rely upon, whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or otherwise.