How top recruiters deliver quality candidates expected by hiring companies

Skills shortage is a problem in recruitment. At the same time, a sudden influx of applications can also create a challenge. Hence, top recruiters make use of candidate skills testing software to perfectly navigate these situations.

Skills assessment has two main advantages 

  • Quickly identify qualified applicants
  • Highlight area of candidates’ strengths 

Recruiters must perform at their peak for every placement. So regardless of labour shortage, an extreme number of candidates, time constraints or demands of mass volume hiring – recruiters are expected to find high-calibre candidates as quickly as possible.

Using a skills testing software system helps to weed out unwanted applications and focus on the top talent. Doing this at the pre-employment stage helps prevent wrong hires which is costly to the hiring company. A bad fit means redoing the recruitment process which costs the company in terms of time, effort, and money. 

Skills tests for evaluating quality candidates

Let’s start with understanding what constitutes a quality candidate. The ideal applicant must meet the core job requirements. But along with having the technical experience and qualifications, they must have the right kind of communication and collaborative styles preferred at the hiring company. 

It’s not possible to measure everything about a candidate via CV screening and an interview. Many employers have found to their disadvantage that a new employee has exaggerated their skills. This is the challenge when recruiters and employers must rely on the applicant CV and a one-hour interview where candidates come prepared for the generic questions.

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Candidate skills assessment would be a true test to discover the best candidate. Good skills testing software systems have a large library of assessments suitable for all kinds of roles. So, if a recruiter is hiring for a driving role, then there’s the driving skills test. It helps them quickly find out how much knowledge and experience a driver has and whether they are equipped to drive large vehicles.

Aside from role-specific ones like accounting skills tests and healthcare skills tests, other standard skills assessments also fit a wider variety of jobs. For instance, any office worker will need to have proper grammar, spelling and numerical abilities. So, a literacy skills test is perfect for evaluating them as is a numeracy skills test. And because Excel, Word and PowerPoint are integral to daily work, candidates can also be easily tested on their knowledge about these apps via Microsoft Office skills testing.

Technical skills evaluations are paramount. But what is as necessary is to inspect for company cultural fit. Here psychometric testing evaluates an individual’s problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills. Employers want to know if a potential candidate will suit the company beyond their technical skills. Will the new staff mix well into the existing culture with the other employees?

Finding talent made easier with online skills testing software 

As convenient as assessing candidate skills was earlier, now it is much more simplified and streamlined because of the online skills testing software system. And due to its ability to integrate smoothly with a staffing agency’s recruitment CRM software of choice, it makes more sense to leverage the benefits of both systems.

Everything can be arranged and executed efficiently. After the proper skills tests, recruiters simply must send it to their group of candidates who will then complete the tests from anywhere and anytime they find suitable. The test results will be delivered in the recruiter’s inbox, and they can proceed to make hiring decisions by sharing them with the employers.

This cuts down the usual time and effort taken for pre-employment skills testing.