How to Survive On COVID-19? Health Fitness

Covid-19 caused by the novel coronavirus is now an exceptional topic in any conference anywhere. In December 2019 in a city named Wuhan of China was the location where this evil virus was first seen. Since then this virus has been distributed in over 200 countries and left the whole world in awe.

11th of March 2020 WHO announced COVID-19 as a pandemic. This is no less than a horror movie and humans are yet to figure out how to crush the crisis. When there are vaccines are in action we still have a fair share of time with this killer virus on the loose.

Yes, this virus may not be life-threatening for everyone but it is intimidating for people who are compromised physically or who have a weaker resistance system. Since the start of the pandemic scientists and doctors have gathered out some ways to stay safe and keep our loved ones safe. So here are some approaches for COVID-19 and how you can find this evil monster. some medicine helps to recover covid-19 like iverheal 6 & iverheal reviews.

Wash your hands

This is the fundamental rule of keeping yourself safe. Wash your hands now more often than ever. The COVID-19 is a type of virus the outer shell of protein that secures the whole thing together. What a simple soap does is harm that protein binds. So if you wash your hands now and then your possibilities of acquiring the virus are minimized greatly.

If you find yourself in a standing where there is no soap or water use hand sanitizer. Keeping a hand sanitizer on you is as important as keeping your identities with you.

Where a mask while in public

This is a respiratory virus that strikes your lungs and eventually, your whole body gives up. Wearing a mask contains you from inhaling the virus via your mouth or your nose also it contains the spread while you talk. Do not just go for any additional mask. Expect if you employ a surgical mask or a K95.

Carried at least 6 feet in length with people. 


As this is infectious not going out in public is the best way to save yourself and your family. There are many circumstances when the individual themselves don’t even know they are taking the wires. Unknowingly they go out in public and help distribute the virus. If you just stay at home for as long as it’s likely then likely you would be good for the time being.

Watch out for the deliveries

Some of us have already gone full-on home delivery-based. If you did that’s fine news. But this slippery little devil finds its way in via these little things. Be extra careful while you are accepting any location of deliveries.

If you have food things then thoroughly wash them and put them aside in an already disinfected area. If it’s something other than the meals you should thoroughly disinfect them either with alcohol-based cleansers or soap.

Help your resistant system

This is the time when you should be monitoring what you eat more than ever. Gone are the days when you could eat whatever you enjoyed without a double thought. To fight this virus you need your body to be fit. So eat foods that are enhanced with vitamins, iron, and other good items for your body.

Keep an eye out for symptoms

There are specific symptoms of this condition. The most familiar ones are fever coughing body ache no flavor of food shortness of puff, etc. If you detect any of these symptoms in you or somebody in your home fast seek medical (favipiravir buy) help.

Determinate unless you are a medical someone you won’t be able to distinguish between is a tough and non-severe case. It’s always okay to let the people who are experts to do their job.