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How to screenshot on Lenovo laptop

Laptops have lots of features based on their manufacturing and the model they are from. The best laptops are those which have advanced and latest features, and users can enjoy the innovation at their ease. These laptops also allow you to take screenshots or capture the screen and save it or allow you to share on social media platforms and global websites.

In case you have a Lenovo laptop, and you are wondering how to screenshot on a Lenovo laptop, then this is a guide for you. This article includes all the easy ways to screenshot on a Lenovo laptop. There are different Lenovo model laptops, but these tips are going to work on most of the models from Lenovo.

Taking A Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop

There are few ways to try in case you want to capture a screenshot using a Lenovo laptop. You can try any of them mentioned below.

On Lenovo Laptop With Windows 10

In case you are using a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10, then there is a way to capture screenshots on Windows 10 easily. this method works very easily. Usually, most of the Lenovo best laptops have a Print Screen key, as Prt Sc mentioned on the keyboard. You can use this key to capture the screen as a screenshot.

  • To take a screenshot, you have to press the Windows key from the keyboard and then press the Prt Sc key altogether, which will be located at the bottom of the keyboard.
  • The screen will flick for a moment and dim, which will give you the idea that the screen has been captured.
  • Now your screenshot is saved, and you can access it by locating the Screenshots folder on the files or documents of your Windows.
  • You will find the captured screenshot in that folder.
  • Another way to capture this screenshot is by pressing the same Windows key and then pressing the W from the keyboard, which will display a sidebar menu on the right side of the screen.
  • There is a Screen Sketch option in that which you need to select.
  • You can make your desired changes and then save them in the required folder.

Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop Without Windows 10

If the laptop that you are using doesn’t have Windows 10 installed on it, then you can try this alternative method.

Use the Print Screen button from your Lenovo laptop that will allow you to copy or capture an image of your Windows screen to the clipboard.

  • Then, you can use an editing app like Paint and then use the Paste option to copy the image on the app.
  • Then, you can markup the image and save it in your desired folder easily.
  • Select the capture folder where you want to save it as you normally would save files.
  • Your captured screen will be saved as a screenshot on your computer.

Using Snagit (Alternative)

You can use a third-party app or tool to capture the screenshot on your Lenovo laptop in case it doesn’t have a screenshot or Print Screen button on it. Snagit is a powerful photo editing and capturing tool that will allow you to capture your desired images into the directory.

The use of Snagit is very simple, and it doesn’t even require professional instructions to be used in the first place. The use is simple for the best laptops with quality hardware.

· First, you have to download and install Snagit on your Lenovo laptop.

· After it is completed, you can run the app and search for the Capture button that will allow you to capture the screen.

· This will let you freely move the cursor to select a custom area from the screen after holding and click and dragging it.

· You can move the mouse to the desired position for capturing the screenshot for a portion of the screen on your display.

· Then, you can release the button and use the camera option to open and edit the screenshot that you have captured.

· You can also press CTRL and S altogether to save this screenshot.

Using Markup Hero (Alternative)

You can easily capture screenshots and organize them in separate folders using Markup Hero. The captured screenshot from this app will allow you to share the images even on other social platforms for your ease.

· You just have to download Markup Hero from the web using any official source and install it.

· Run the tool by clicking the .exe file downloaded on your system.

· After it starts running, you can then press CTRL + Shift + 1 so that it runs automatically on your Lenovo laptop.

· A crosshair icon appearing on your screen will allow you to capture screens by clicking and dragging it through your home screen easily.

· In this way, you can save your screenshot on a Lenovo laptop with easy steps.


This was an informational article guide on how to screenshot on Lenovo laptop in easy ways. We shared some quick tips, and we hope they are useful for your laptop model.


How to take screenshots on Windows 10 laptop?

It’s easy to take screenshots on laptops, specifically those which have more features on their keyboard. Normally, the print screen key PrtSc is useful in capturing screens. Another way is by using the Windows snipping tool.

Where do screenshots go on Lenovo?

When you press Windows Logo Key and PrtSc together, you capture a screenshot from your laptop that goes directly into the screenshot folder in path C: Users [Computer Name], Pictures, and then Screenshots folder.

Which button is a screenshot on a laptop?

Usually, for most of the laptops, the PrtScn is the key on laptops for capturing a screenshot. This allows the user to take an instant screenshot of whatever is on the screen and then save it in the screenshots folder of the computer. It is saved by pressing CTRL + S key.