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How To Overcome Self-doubt, Limiting Beliefs, and Become More Confident – Aaron Henriques

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, then self-doubt is probably your biggest enemy. And if you don’t find a way to deal with it, it will probably keep you from launching exciting projects, companies and making deals that could’ve been a great success, only you stopped yourself. Is that situation familiar? If that’s the case, then Aaron Henriques is here with a few ways to combat imposter syndrome and your limiting beliefs so you can become the confident version of yourself.

According to Aaron, here’s the first step to becoming a more confident version of yourself: you need to force yourself into doing whatever task you’ve been avoiding because of some internal fear. Well, how do you know that you’re avoiding something important? Here are the key signs: You’re spending your time doing “busy” work without really being productive. That means you could be tidying your desk, spending your entire day designing business cards you’ll never use, or simply find yourself lost in social media.

See, when most people are faced with adversity, they fall back and avoid the situation. That’s not a good strategy. Instead, you have to take action and complete difficult tasks, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember, discomfort brings growth.

Another thing you should be doing to combat your limiting beliefs is taking quick action whenever you come up with a seemingly good idea. Why? The reason is, most limiting beliefs arise from overthinking. Aaron learned this lesson the hard way. In the early 2000s, when growing up on council estate and recently leaving secondary school, Aaron saw a problem in the Taxi industry. Most drivers didn’t know where to go, and there wasn’t a decent payment option other than cash. So, he decided to fix this by introducing technology to the industry. He completed his business plan, had funding approved, but never executed it. Now he regrets it because his company could’ve been the new Uber 3 years earlier than the original. Today, whenever he has a great idea, he lays the foundations and immediately executes it without worrying about it being perfect.

Aaron’s final piece of advice to combat self-doubt is simple: don’t listen to the naysayers, and never take advice from people who aren’t successful, even if they are your friends. Only listen to those ahead of you in their journey.

Who Is Aaron Henriques: A Brief Overview

Aaron is a former London police officer turned award-winning entrepreneur. He started his business as a side hustle and transformed it into an empire. Today, he helps startups get started, and he is also an investor and podcast host.


All in all, if you want to combat self-doubt and become the best version of yourself, you need to do hard tasks, take immediate action, and only take advice from professionals. If you want to learn more about Aaron, then listen to his podcast Just Doing It, or check out his website