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How to Make Out On Spotify And Reach A Million Streams As An Artist?

Spotify offers a great opportunity for independent artists to carve a niche for themselves in the fascinating world of music. With more than a four-billion dedicated playlists available online, it’s the ultimate destination for music lovers worldwide. 

Spotify comes with a wide range of playlist themes. Any user can create a one for himself or herself anytime. Discover Weekly and Release Radar are a couple of playlist sections where independent musicians make out on Spotify. Moreover, they can also opt for paid promotional tools for enhanced visibility. 

How to Gain More Spotify Followers: Top 6 Tips

  • A Verified Badge: Fill out an artist verification form and submit it online. The Spotify team will inspect the same and offer you with a virtual verified badge accordingly. It means a blue tick mark icon will appear after your name. It can help you in directly negotiating with a moderator to consider your song for a playlist. 
  • Pitch Your Songs to Playlist Creator: Since most of the Spotify playlists are created by humans, so you should approach those playlists’ creators as well. In case, it works, then you can easily add a few more followers and listeners on Spotify.
  • Stay Active: Spotify is one of those platforms, where passion and enthusiasm matter a lot. You should start adding as many songs as possible to Spotify. Release your solo or duet numbers regularly to make your songs appear into Release Radar. Also, strengthen your popularity over social media as an independent artist. Share your Spotify song links wherever possible. 
  • Focus On Your Pitching Content: Pitch your music to playlist creators in an emphatic yet polite way. Be patient and persistent. All your songs can’t appear on Spotify playlist instantly. Show some connect to their playlists as well. It means you must show how much you love their playlists and how your song will make it more valuable. 
  • Start Creating Your Own Playlist: Meanwhile, don’t forget to create your own public playlist from scratch. Feature your playlist under your verified artist page. It shows your compassionate side that you are also promoting other artists. You can even add two-three of your own songs into these playlists also.
  • Boost Your Spotify Promotion Strategy: Finally, don’t forget the power of a robust marketing promotion. Opt for Spotify’s paid promotion tools by making a small payment. Spotify offers a cheap and safe promotion strategy for independent artists to engage with real fans and followers.

The Conclusion

Spotify helps you reach a million streams by the effective utilization of its paid promotion tools. Spotify playlist creators and editors will amplify your song’s popularity by adding more followers to your profile. It will get you real followers and live listeners during online streaming.

With more and more listeners, you will soon find yourself among the list of singing starts. So, what’s stopping you? Take the first plunge into Spotify and see how it transforms your life!