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How to Identify a Real or Fake Rolex Watch

Even if you are fond of wearing watches, you surely heard about the Swiss timepiece brand, Rolex. Considering its fanciness, there is no doubt why the company is considered the most recognized and powerful brand in the watch industry around the world.

The brand is very popular in which many watch collectors consider it as the embodiment of the terms success and luxury. With that being said, it’s no wonder why this timepiece is being copied in different ways.For the past few years, a lot of watch producers all over the world are manufacturing quality yet fake watches. Most fake Rolex timepieces look almost the same, so even professional eyes can have a hard time spotting the difference between fake and genuine Rolex watches.

No one can spot a fake Rolex by just looking at it. One way you can ensure that you are not wearing a fake wristwatch is to take it to a qualified watchmaker or authorized dealer to check its movement. But, don’t worry since you can still spot some noticeable signs that will differentiate a fake Rolex from the original one. Here are things you should know!

Characteristics of a Real Rolex Watch

Considering that Rolex replicas are getting more sophisticated as time goes on, you might ask yourself about the red flags to eye on when checking the watch. Read this guide through the end to know more details about how to tell if a Rolex is fake or real.

1. Case Back

By checking the case back of the Rolex watch, there’s a chance to determine its originality. So, if your timepiece features a see-through case back, there’s an 80 percent possibility that it is fake.

The brand has made a see-through 1030 watch model, which could give you confusion to determine if it is a replica of a 1030 model.

2. Engraves

The case back of a genuine watch is smooth and engravings-free. So, if you notice that your Rolex’s back has engravings, you should be alert.

With that in mind, remember that the company also launched two timepiece models that feature engravings at their backs. These models are named Milgauss and Sea-Dweller.

3. Blurry Photos

If you are an online shopper, you always ask the seller about several pictures of the product before you send your payment. Asking for clear photos of a watch could also be a simple way to spot the watch’s authenticity being sold by the seller.

Take note blurry photos could be a red flag that the seller is doing something bad. Remember, even a novice photographer could take clear shots of the watch’s movement, case, and dial. So, if the dealer refuses to give you several shots of their Rolex watches, you know what to do.

4. GMT Hand

You can check the authenticity of a Rolex if its GMT hand is between the minute hand and the hour hand. The fake GMT hand is not placed between the minute and hour hands but near the dial.

5. Metal Quality 

Remember, we consider Rolex the symbol of luxury and success because they made it from platinum, 18k gold, or stainless steel. So, if a seller told you that the Rolex watch’s bracelets they are selling are made from 14k gold, it’s time to run away. A timepiece that features a faded gold bracelet or case is 100 percent fake and not worthy to invest in.

6. Heft

The heft of the real and original Rolex watches has a solid feel mainly because of the heavy weight of the metal. You can feel the solid heft of the watch by checking the central part of its movement. Fake wristwatches have lighter heft than its genuine counterparts.

7. Details

Most signs you can see on a fake timepieces are that they have minor details. This is mainly because of low-quality control. Remember that Rolex is a reputable brand. This means that all their models are well-constructed, perfect, and refined. You can also notice that their case, bracelet, markings, lume, dials, and finish are 100 percent superb.

8. The Sound

The genuine second-hand ticks and moves slowly. The fake one’s ticks and movements are very noticeable. The reason behind the smooth ticks of the authentic Rolex is that each second is divided into eight steps. The second hand creates 28,800 ticks per hour.

Let’s say that the fake Rolex has the Swiss-made movement. Despite that, you can still notice that the second hand’s ticks look like jumping rather than sweeping. This means that if the second hand is ‘jumping’, you need to think twice about whether to buy it.

9. Model and Serial Number

The back case of an original Rolex watch is tightly sealed. Only a few distributors and dealers may open it to check the movement. So, the other way to spot the fake signs is to check their outside cover.

An authentic timepiece etches its serial number between 6:00 and model number between 12:00. Fake models have incorrect serial and case numbers, which you can easily detect by searching it on Google.

10. Sharp Engravings

They engraved both model and serial numbers on the authentic Rolex watch’s lugs very detailed and sharp. But the serial and case number of the fake watches were roughly etched or seem like sand-blasted.

11. Movement Structure

Several parts were used to produce an authentic watch movement. You will need the help of a professional watchmaker to know if the movement is functioning well. If they notice incorrect positioning of the movement’s parts, it is normal to question its authenticity.

Make sure to always check the movement structure since some genuine Rolex watches feature fake movements.

In A Nutshell

When planning to purchase any Rolex watch model, it is essential to know what you are buying.

Considering the increasing number of fraudsters online, buyers should know how to determine the difference between a fake watch and an authentic one. Use the tips we mentioned above to prevent getting scammed by an unauthentic timepiece.