How to Get a Job: A Guide for Recent Grads and Young Professionals

Landing your first job straight after graduation from school or college can be a stressful test. You are applying for positions that you have little experience in and you are competing against other people. But, most likely, they are similar candidates that are trying to get those first jobs.

To stand out from the crowd and make sure that your name is called, you are going to need every advantage possible. Today, we’re going to teach you some tips on how to get a job for recent grads and young professionals.

Interview Bucket List

A great start is to create your first interview bucket list. The interview bucket list is a list of 10 to 20 companies whose products and services you admire and feel a sense of connection to. This feeling is going to help you get excited to learn new things and figure out how to apply your skills. Hiring managers love hiring young professionals who have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for what the company does. Besides, if it turns out to be not a perfect place to work, this job still may help you understand what values attract you.

An easy way to get started in your career can be to work in startups and small companies. You will probably have to multitask and get into lots of different processes that will quickly teach you about the work environment. After some time, you may leave for a job in a bigger company.

A Good Resume

In the modern world, it is crucial to have a good resume. Writing a good resume takes a lot of time and effort. But when you are looking for a job in a very competitive environment, you want to be on top. You can ask Professional CV writers with years of experience to write a CV for you. Such a CV writing service as  gives you an upper hand compared to the rest of the candidates.

When you are creating a resume, you should consider making different versions for similar positions in different companies. By doing so, you will create templates where you can swing only a few names and details.

Everyone knows what a resume consists of, and many examples are there to help in creating it. We remind you that a good resume can be supplemented with information about your achievements, your interests, awards, and volunteer work experience. Add a sentence about what type of career interests you, too.

The next step in writing a resume is to make sure it is ATS-friendly. Many companies, especially the large ones, use ATS – applicant tracking systems, to scan applications by a computer. This software manages the recruitment process by sorting candidates’ information and providing recruiters with CVs that have the best match for the job.

Make sure that your resume contains the same keywords that are used in the job description. Also, use the right format of the file. PDF files are the best for keeping your overall format intact, but Word format is the most accurately scanned by the ATS. Finally, check that you are following all instructions of the job application.

Do not hesitate to ask to get referred. Think of the recent grads from your alma mater that you know. Ask them for a favor. Even more, ask professors for a letter of recommendation, especially if they have known students that have worked at companies you’re looking at.

Job-Seeking Websites

Now that you have a perfect resume, you need to find a place where you can apply it. There are loads of job-seeking websites where you can look and apply for a job. Don’t shy away from using several of them at the same time. But, there are other ways that we want to show you.

Signing up on LinkedIn makes it easier for recruiters to reach out to you. Most companies’ recruiters and hiring managers are using LinkedIn as a part of their work process. Also, several features can help you with the recruitment process. For example, the “Open to work” feature creates a work badge on your photo and shows the community on the platform that you are looking for a job and new opportunities. In the majority of cases, by clicking “Easy apply” all you need to do is upload your CV and a cover letter. Once there is a vacancy available that might suit your experience – recruiters will contact you.

For some people, it may feel weird to contact a company directly. However, there are plenty of cases when it’s the best thing to do. So, just do it. Go to the company’s website and see if there is any job opening.

If you are graduating, then pay attention to the college job boards. They are a fantastic net to catch a bunch of great vacancies. In the end, you can contact the recruiting firms. Sometimes, they work with candidates that are looking out for possible vacancies. This means that they can advise companies candidates who satisfy job requirements.

What Kind of Candidates Do Stand

Let’s talk about what kind of candidates do stand out for an employee. It’s not enough to rely on your grades alone to qualify for a position. Most candidates have the same GPA as you do. And employers are looking for students who are aware of how to create value. Employers want you to make up for your lack of experience with enthusiasm. They need to see that you have a positive demeanor, you are helpful, and display confidence. Try to demonstrate what you are capable of. Showcase how you can transform that experience from the past to future opportunities. Create and sell yourself through your personal brand.

Preparing for your interview properly will help you differentiate yourself from other candidates. At first, be ready to answer awkward questions like “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”.

Second, do some research on a company that you are applying to. The interviewer should feel that you are truly interested in his company. A good idea will be to look up your interviewer online. This way, you will know what values he or she promotes, for example, discipline, grit, initiative, intelligence. Plus, you may find connections with them that may come in handy.

Finally, no matter how good or bad the interview was – always take notes after it. You can use this knowledge in the future.

Final Words

Now you know the tips and instructions that should help you get yourself a job that you could enjoy. Please remember, in most cases, there is no point in making a lot of money if you are not happy doing it. We wish you luck and we hope you will find your dream job soon.