How to find the best Japanese used cars Exporter in Japan

Buying a car is a dream of many. We are aware of Japanese used cars’ quality, performance, high-fuel efficiency, and affordability. You can enjoy the roads with the Japanese used car at much-compromised cost.

Moreover, Japan is one of the leading exporters of vehicles worldwide. Japan exported cars worth $103B, in that USA, United Arab Emirates, China, and Australia was top of their plan.

  • United States of America – $39.2B
  • China – $7.51B
  • Australia – $5.35B
  • UAE – $3.79B
  • Saudi Arabia – $3.72B

It’s better to find a reliable and trustworthy exporter in Japan because your money can go in vain, and you won’t be refunded after it. Moreover, Japanese exporters have been the reason for their success around the globe. Furthermore, 50k plus cars are traded every month to countries like Pakistan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and many more Asian countries.

Here’s are some points to find out the best exporter in Japan; let’s dive into it.

Check their information

The first step is to know who they are. There are a lot of exporters around Japan, but it is indispensable to find who’s the right one. There are frauds and scammers also available; who knows who you are dealing with. As we said above, you won’t be refunded afterward.

Let’s checkout what you must know about it.

  1. Search the company on Google or any search engine platform. We recommend you Google, as it has the most searches available.
  2. Visit their visit and read out the information.
  3. Check the valid email address of the company.
  4. Make sure to notice that the stocks are regularly updated. It clarifies how active the company is.
  5. The company should have a membership with all the auction houses available in Japan.It is also registered with JUMVEA (Japan used motor vehicle association), JETRO, and the chamber of commerce. These are the exporters who have a solid reputation in Japan and are well-known.
  6. Check the company landline number or telephone number.
  7. The company will have the police verification certificate and all the legal documents.

Compare the stocks and verify the company.

You can consult the Japanese embassy available in your country or your country embassy in Japan to know about the traders you have contacted. Moreover, there are specific rules implemented by the Japanese government, which the traders must follow. If they lack there, cancel the deal on the spot.

As we said above, the stocks must be updated regularly. Furthermore, you can contact references to know more about the company. There will be reviews available about the company on Google or their website, and you can read those and be comfortable about their service.

In addition, compare the stock of the two or three exporters, the price tags won’t be the same for every trader in Japan. So, check your pockets and act according to them. At last, it’s better to clear your doubts with your exporter.