How to Find Investors via Linkedin?

The role of social media in modern networking and business opportunities seeking has risen significantly. The part of email business communication and personal meetings is still enormous. Yet, professional social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, offer significant reach and diversity, especially if you want to open a small or medium business. 

Read on to know more about finding investors on LinkedIn and get an effective strategy to look for future partners. 

How to Find Investors on LinkedIn

Before all, looking for investors on LinkedIn is not easy. You should do a profound research, develop a vast network and approach the future partners with the value in mind. In this regard, as a LinkedIn investors seeker, you should think of the crucial concepts in LinkedIn marketing and communication. 

What are they? A strong image, proven expertise, and building good relationships. Focusing on them can provide you with some great connections that can become your investors. These tips will help you find Investors on LinkedIn

Create a good-looking profile 

Your LinkedIn profile is the key instrument to support your image and form an impression of a savvy entrepreneur that knows the market and is credible. What aspects matter? Your photos, profile details, and the size of the network. Images are to show who you are; the summary details and posts will prove your expertise, while the network can help you with authority and reach. 

Importantly, you need to fill all the fields with the relevant information to make your profile look more credible. It can help in selling ideas, looking for investors, and getting greater reach. Besides, try to post consistently and engage in conversation with others to be visible and have higher chances for network enlargement. 

Use search

You probably ask yourself, “How should I be looking for investors in my business niche?” Well, once you set your profile, it is time to do tons of research. 

In most cases, you would use the search function. In this regard, you will need to use the right keywords that relate to your niche and your goal. For instance, if you want to find the investors for your fintech product, start searching for people by typing “fintech” in the search. 

After it, add filters that will allow you to find 2nd and 3rd connections and define the location. Lastly, open “all” filters and add the specific keywords: “Investor,” Investments,” “Capital,” or “Venture” into the company field. The explanation is that the investors are likely to work in firms with such words in their names.

How to Approach an Investor On LinkedIn

The next step is to contact the investor and pick the right strategy for the communication. 

Once you find the right investors on LinkedIn, you have two options. The straightforward one is to look for an address on the page of the investor, verify it with the email software ( you can check one here), and send them a pitch of your idea. 

Another way is to send them an invitation or a message to build relationships. Importantly, this message should not be a pitch of your ideas. Starting right with the offer can be an intrusive tactic. 

How to message an investor on LinkedIn? Connect with them and share your motives, how you can cooperate and what the benefits are for both of you. Notably, you can begin your message with the things you have in common or mention that you have met somewhere (if you have).

The best strategy would be to connect on LinkedIn first and then send a pitch to an email address once you verify or validate it, either personally or with a tool.