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How to find and use Warframe Shawzin songs codes

Warframe is a free-to-play multiplayer online game that primarily consists of shooting and looting. The game players aim to control members of the Tenno who use their abilities and weapons to complete missions. The levels of the game’s mission are procedurally generated.

Elements of the Game

The game combines several elements such as space ninjas, sci-fi, looter, and shooter, which collectively build the thrill of the game. Role-playing is a unique element, where the player controls a character’s actions immersed in some structured world. It involves developing a character using recording statistics.

Versions and Upgrades

Since the original release in 2013, the game has transitioned from a basic rating to a more thrilling experience through a series of updates and new features. The gameplay systems keep evolving every few months. Among the most exciting upgrades of the game are the Warframe Shawzin song codes.

Game Dynamics

Unlike most games with the ‘pay to win option,’ Warframe is a multiplayer game with a more ‘grind to win’ aspect. The game is supported by microtransactions, which enable players to purchase in-game items using money but are mainly inclined to having players earn bonus points/ in-game benefits over time through grinding.

Players encounter multitudinous characters in the Warframe universe, each with unique identifiers such as enhanced mobility, regenerative shields, and other supernatural abilities, which the player depends on to complete the missions.

The player has several missions to complete across the universe, for which rewards are awarded upon completing a mission.

Warframe Shawzin songs

The Shawn is a musical instrument first incorporated in the Sacrifice quest of the game as background decoration and later as an Orbiter decoration and an Emote to allow players to play their music.

Seven variants of the Shawzin are available; three of them (Dawn, Day of the Dead, and Mimica) are skins for the basic Dax’s Shawn, while the others have unique sound profiles corresponding to guitars in the modern world, for example, the Tiamat which is a bass guitar.

Structure of the Songs

Songs are transcribed as symbols, numbers (to indicate the scale), and case-sensitive letters. One song can be manually recorded for at most 4 minutes with 1000 notes or imported, provided their running time is 4 minutes and 16 seconds with 1666 notes.

How to play a song

The player has first to purchase a Shawzin, which comes with a unique emote.

To play the instrument, the player must activate the Emote from their Gear wheel. Upon activation, the music interface appears, and the Warframe kneels down and holds a Shawn. Other players inside your Landing Craft can hear the music you play. You can disable the sounds from other players’ instruments by disabling their Octavia music in the settings panel.

Some of the other capabilities of the Shawzin songs upgrade you enjoy include:

-It is possible to save a song only when you can play at least 80% of all the notes in it. With an equipped Octavia, a player can turn on her bass by pressing four on their keyboard. Controls are mapped to each of the strings and different frets. The Tab key can control scale options including Hirajoshi, Phrygian, Chromatic, Pentatonic Minor/Major, and Hexatonic.

-The platform allows players to play pre-recorded songs which can be imported into the player’s song library. As a pre-recorded song plays, a player must time play the Shawn to the beat of notes falling onto a meter. By default, the metronome option is usually on to enable the audio cue on the metronome when recording a song. When Autoplay is enabled, the song plays its notes without the player’s input.

Shawzin Song Codes

There is a large collection of updated Warframe Shawzin music sheets and song codes available for your use. Players can develop original tunes or recreate old songs to create codes shared with other players to use for their practice.

Here is how to use the code: Go to the bottom section of the song menu and select ‘Load song,’ then paste the song code in the input area and play through the songs!


The transcription for the song ‘Amazing Grace’ is:


The Mandachord is also an interesting element in the Octavia Warframe that enables players to create custom tracks through a built-in grid-based music editor.

The codes are suitable for beginners working their way around the game and stuck in tough missions. It is a fantastic element to explore as the player focuses on grinding to reach advanced levels.

The upgrades provide a couple of advanced Warframes to choose from based on personal preference. New versions with more concrete updates will allow you to unlock and explore unique environments through a greater variety of missions. The updated Shawzin song code feature sums it all to create a fantastic gaming experience.