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How To Farm Gold in WoW Classic: Burning Crusade Fast

While gold is significantly easier to farm in the Burning Crusade / Outlands than it was in the old Vanilla level 60 content in Azeroth, it is still a challenging and for many, a daunting, time-consuming task. While up to about 1000 gold coins can be farmed while leveling from 60-70, these are quickly “wasted” on armor upgrades, spells, training abilities leaving you with barely any gold for the basic speed flying mount. The fast flying mount takes up about 5000 gold in total, 6000 gold approximately if you take on the basic ones first. Unless you have this mount, you will remain a “slow-poke” player in Outlands and every other effort will go much faster. It is highly recommended to obtain the fast speed flying mount as early as possible.

Tips for farming gold in Outlands – Part 1: Optimization

1. Optimize your bag space. It is advisable to loot everything, as even basic ‘gray’ items can sell for more than a gold and you will save lots of time than needlessly flying to town to ‘offload’ the bags. Place secondary and unnecessary items in the bank account. 18 Slot bags are easy to obtain in the Burning Crusade.

2. Create a second character and locate it near the Auction Houses. As there is no Auction House in Outland, park in the old cities in Azeroth, Orgrimmar or Stormwind. This way you can easily mail the “auctionable” items to it from the nearest mailing post. It is advisable to pick up gathering professions on the farming, high level character and the crafting-equivalent on the secondary. Time is money. Save time.

Part 2: Several Gold making tips

1. Loot everything you can. Even gray items can sell for a nice amount. A simple level 65 Two Handed “Gray/Trash” weapon can go for above 7 gold at the vendors. Auction the “white” items by mailing them to your alt and placing them for sale on the Auction House.

2. Craft items. Jewelcrafting is the new “gold mine” in the Burning Crusade. You can pick up a combination of mining and herbalism on your main character, and then mail the ores and herbs to your secondary one to craft gems and flasks. Use the cloths to craft bags, as they always seem to be sale-able.

3. Learn Fishing. While not the exciting activity in the game, there is plenty of high cost end-game materials that can drop by fishing, as well as Motes of Water, which combined make a Primal of Water.

4. Do the dailies. The Burning Crusade introduces daily dungeon quests. Besides raising your reputation with the desired faction for epic rewards, you will also earn a lot of gold.

5. Play the Auction House – you can be really surprised if you can find out how much gold you can actually make by investing a thousand of gold pieces into ‘buy low, sell high’ items. If you lack these investment coins, you can always buy WoW Classic gold as means to invest them to earn more by yourself.

These methods are evergreen and always work, until you can find a high-end game craft recipe from the Raids. By utilizing these tips, you can avoid the ganking part if strictly farming certain types of items like Motes of Air / Fire in the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. Believe it or not, as most of the MMO games are similar to World of Warcraft, you can pretty much utilize the very same tips even for earning Coin in New World MMO or Gold for Ashes of Creation. Both of these new MMORPG games are set to release this year.