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How to choose a suitable electric scooter for yourself

If you are out in the market for purchasing an electric scooter for yourself and are overwhelmed with the immense variety of scooters available in the market and want to narrow down your list of scooters. We have highlighted some of the key factors and features that you might want to take your decision on while narrowing down your e-scooter list.


Your budget is mostly the biggest factor in controlling your purchase decision. Fast electric scooter for adults start from as low as 150USD and go up to 2500USD. A number of factors such as the build quality, motor power, battery capacity, charging technology etc. define the price of the scooter. Good quality electric scooters usually start from around 1000 $ and provide a decent balance between feature set and price. Higher-end scooters are typically for enthusiasts that enjoy having high powered motors, increased range, etc. in their e-scooter.


The rider’s weight defines the minimum motor power you should opt for while shortlisting your scooter. A person whose weight is on the higher end or exceeds 100Kg should opt for a scooter with a minimum of 1000Watt motor for it to be able to drive the rider up on slopes steep slopes without much trouble.


Range should also be a critical deciding factor when shortlisting an electric scooter. You can estimate your minimum required range by estimating your daily return trip distance and comparing it with the scooter’s range figure. Usually, manufacturers boast about the scooter’s range on the website, so online forums or reviews on your interested electric scooter might help you find out the real-world range of the scooter. The miles per charge offered by the scooter should be at least 5-10 Kms greater than your estimated daily usage.

Usage frequency

The factor of usage frequency can also help narrow down the scooter list. If you do not plan on using your electric scooter every other day, or your usage frequency would be quite low then you might be better buying a less rugged or durable scooter for yourself. Such users can also use electric scooter renting services for settling their craving whenever required instead of buying one.


Harsh terrain, such as living in a neighborhood with roads having a lot of potholes, or speed breakers, and cracks will require you to get a well-built and rugged unit. If you plan on taking your electric scooter off-road or out in the mud or rain then some companies such as Varla Scooter offer off-road capable scooters that you can take out in the wet and mud. It comes with an IP54 waterproof rating which makes it capable of handling rainfall without any issues.

Features and Comfort

You should also list down your list of must-have features in the electric scooter you want to buy. Led headlights and taillights are a must-have if you plan on taking out your scooter in the city streets. Thumb throttle is also quite common on electric scooters which is preferred over the typical hand throttle by e-scooter riders. ABS brakes can also be very handy in scooters as they avoid the front tires from locking up under heavy braking and prevent you from losing control over your e-scooter. Some fordable scooters can be folded down in half which makes it easier for one to carry them inside instead of parking it out in the open. Fast charging is also provided in some high-end scooters with a single or double charger configuration to shave off the charging time. Depending on your requirements and preferences you might want some of the above-mentioned features to be in your e-scooter.


Comfort is also a key role in shortlisting a suitable electric scooter for yourself. The level of comfort in electric scooters is usually defined by 2 implementations. The tires and suspension equipped in the scooter usually define the degree of comfort offered by it. Pneumatic tires instead of solid tires provide a softer riding experience, whereas solid tires make you feel every pit and crack on the asphalt.If you have a longer daily traveling distance, opting for a scooter with suspension might seem like the appropriate option as shocks and dampers absorb most of the pits and bumps and make sure the tires have contact with the road at all times for good control on the scooter.(蓝车)


Brakes are also an area where scooter manufacturers cut corners. Disc brakes are the most reliable, easily serviceable but are an expensive option. Drum brakes are also often used but these are not as reliable and easy to service as the disc brakes are. If you have the budget, you should definitely go for disc brakes at least at the front end to ensure safe and sound scooting.


The warranty period and terms are also quite important before making your decision for the electric scooter. You should look for at least a year warranty on critical components such as the motor, battery, and charger. You should also check the warranty terms and conditions of the electric scooter, to check whether the warranty is voided with driving in the wet or rain, which is quite absurd but common in low-end e-scooters.

Maintenance and part replacement.

At last take, you can also take a look at the pricing on the replacement and wearable parts offered by the company. As some companies offer insanely high pricing on proprietary wearable parts such as brake pads, kickstands, or fenders.Varla Scooter offers a couple of good-quality electric scooters with powerful motors, a decent set of features, and an ample range. Check out the latest offers on the scooters offered, by heading to Varla Scooters.