How To Choose a Forex Broker In the UK

Ohio, United states — Investing in forex pairs can be rewarding but requires understanding and using reputable and reliable forex brokers. However, when searching for a forex broker in the UK, there can be a lot of options to consider, and in some instances deciding can be an overwhelming process.

Fortunately, some steps can be taken to ensure you are using the right forex broker and investing in forex with more understanding. Whether you are a seasoned investor or starting for the first time, some checks need to be made to ensure you get the most from your Forex investments.

Björn Michels CEO of FxScouts states that although investors and first-time traders wll have their own requirements, there are some steps that need to be followed to ensure you’re choosing a suitable Forex broker in the UK.

What Is a Forex Broker?

Although some people will understand what a forex broker does, those investing for the first time may be unsure of their role when purchasing currency pairs. The services a forex broker offers can differ but are ultimately a service provider allows users to buy and sell currency or do so on their behalf.

What Types of Forex Brokers are Available in the UK?

There are different types of forex brokers available in the UK, depending on the kind of investment you want to make.

Market Makers

Market Makers operate a dealing desk to make orders, meaning they create bid-ask prices and liquidity within the markets.

ECN Brokers

ECN is an abbreviation for Electronic Communications Network, and this type of broker provides investors with real-time connections to other forex market participants. ECN brokers are a good fit for frequent traders, as they have tight spreads during trading.

STP Brokers

Straight Through Processing brokers direct clients’ orders via liquidity providers and then provide the best quotes to their clients.

What Factors Need to be Considered When Choosing a Forex Broker in the UK?

When investing in forex pairs for the first time, you must ensure the platform you use is suitable for your requirements. What works for one person will not always work for another, and if you cannot use the tools available, you could miss out on some rewarding opportunities.

Currency Pairs

Although checking the platform you plan to use has the currency pairs you want to invest in seems like an obvious tip, the amount of information that must be considered means it can be easily overlooked.

The four major currency pairs are as follows


In addition to the major currency pairs, there are commodity currency pairs which are as follows.


In most instances, forex brokers in the UK will offer several currency pairs, but it is always worth double-checking the currency pair you want to invest in is available on the platform you plan to use.

Those interested in trading in forex should ensure that the currency pairs you plan to invest in are available. However, this is not the only factor that must be considered when choosing a forex broker.

Spreads and Fees

The more options available to those wanting to invest in forex, the more potential there is for success. Spreads and fees are essential components of investment that should be studied closely, as they all contribute to the final result.

A spread is a difference between the amount a currency pair is bought and sold for. A fee will be paid to the broker to carry out these transactions, so both factors need to be considered.

The Regulatory Status of the Broker

There are very few instances when a broker is not regulated, but it should never be assumed it is. Licensed forex brokers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which gives investors more confidence their finances are safeguarded in instances of insolvency or broker misconduct.

What Payment Options are Available?

When purchasing foreign currency pairs, a deposit will need to be made. Although many platforms offer a wide range of payment options, it is worth checking that deposits can be made with the payment methods of your choice.

Whereas some people will use debit or credit cards, others may want to use a service like PayPal. Ensuring you can make deposits effortlessly ensures no delays when purchasing currency pairs.

What Is the Minimum Deposit?

As well as ensuring that convenient payment options are in place, it is also important to check the minimum deposit requirement for the forex broker you plan to use. Although some may want to make a significant investment straight away, others may want to start low. As such, checking the minimum deposit requirements ensures you stay within budget when investing.

Are There Bonuses Available

Although many international forex brokers may offer new users’ bonuses, the FCA states that forex brokers in the UK are not permitted to. If the broker you plan to use offers incentives and rewards, this is a good sign of its regulatory status.

Will You Require a Mobile App?

Although many people will carry out forex trading via a desktop or laptop, others want to keep track of their mobile progress. Many forex trading platforms will have an accompanying app, but there will be some that do not. Those who plan to access their account while mobile should ensure there is an app or mobile-friendly website.

Apps are commonly available via Google Play and the App Store, although there may be instances where you download the app directly in the form of an APK.

Ensure There is Excellent Customer Service in Place

Whether you are investing in currency pairs for the first time or have several years’ experience, if something goes wrong or you have a question, you need to be confident it can be dealt with quickly.

The way you communicate problems to a company may vary. Some offer users a telephone number, whereas others use instant messaging.

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