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How Third party maintenance can help save you money

If you’re looking for ways to positively impact your bottom line by moving away from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) support and maintenance for your hardware, there are many benefits to this decision. Let’s talk about the benefits you can expect, including money savings, with third-party maintenance (TPM).

Extend the life of your hardware

Why upgrade if everything is still running at peak performance? Third-party maintenance and support services are designed to extend the life of your infrastructure by covering equipment long after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. This can avoid having to purchase new equipment until the business is ready for an upgrade. Being able to run the equipment longer also increases the impact of your IT investment.

Less risk, more rewards

Customers are more and more comfortable with the idea of ​​skipping OEM contracts for a solution more suited to their needs and their budget. A reduction in hardware maintenance costs should far outweigh the perceived risks. And, of course, the risks associated with using TPM are based purely on the perception that the OEM can somehow do it better. This is not true. By working with a TPM provider like Northland USA, you can get the service you need, maximize your IT budget, and extend the life of your systems, all while avoiding new or unforeseen capital expenditures.

Significant savings with TPM over OEM support

With the transition to TPM, hardware support costs are dramatically reduced. Accenture, one of the world’s largest consulting firms, explained how TPM vendors create opportunities for savings in hardware maintenance – up to 60%, without sacrificing quality of service. Our numbers show that customers can see savings of up to 85% compared to OEM support.

Simplified support and paperwork

Multi-vendor equipment means having to contact each of these companies for assistance. TPM companies generally offer a wide variety of skills and experience, and their experts have worked with several manufacturers and brands. Third parties can take charge of all of these tools and be the subject of a single contract. This consolidation means greater efficiency, reduced paperwork and lower predictable costs.

Flexible coverage, controlled expenses

High OEM costs can also be the result of unnecessary support for your business. TPM providers are better able to tailor specific services for support coverage based on specific requirements. This means costs can be better estimated and controlled through third-party maintenance, and you’ll have the flexibility to pay only for what your business really needs and the flexibility to change the SLA as needed.

Flexible contracts

Third-party support allows you to pay for the services actually required by your equipment. You don’t have to have Level 1 support for all the equipment in your data center. Instead, you can have a personalized support solution for your specific needs.

In addition, third-party support allows you to change or modify your SLA specifications. So if you have equipment that has expired in your media coverage, you don’t have to worry about recertification fees to put that storage equipment back on your media contract.

What to look for in TPM support When looking for TPM support, look for vendors who can meet your needs with 24/7 call centers based in the US and certified experts providing support services, like Northland USA. They are also known in the industry for their availability when their customers need them and provide a convenient alternative to expensive manufacturer maintenance to support IT assets beyond warranty or service contract.