How Technology is Changing the Home & Garden Market for Good

Historically, gardening was a past time that people did primarily through choice and without the use of any kind of technology.

However, with an increase in small, compact and portable batteries which enable new technology and tools to be developed for home use, this is changing.

More and more home users are turning to technology to maintain their homes and gardens in a time when they are struggling for time to do these chores.

Some reports, for example this one from Statista, show that over £4.6 billion was spent on gardening tools in 2016.

As a result, many companies are trying to develop new tools and technology to take a slice of the market share with such a keen appetite by consumers for new tech around the home and garden.

One such big change has been in the cordless garden power tools market, which is booming right now and set to continue this year and in the future.

As manufacturers are able to access more powerful batteries, which last longer, charge faster and cost less the tools available to the end user are only set to become faster, more powerful and longer lasting which ticks a lot of boxes for consumers. Never more so than at a time when consumers are becoming more environmentally conscientious and would like to avoid petrol powered machinery.

Innovative technology

There are a lot of different systems available on the market today which are using smart and innovative technology. For example, a smart irrigation system can detect when your plants actually need watering instead of just doing it on a set time schedule.

These types of systems can look at the weather forecast to determine if they should water or if it’s likely to rain, along with the current moisture levels in the soil. Everything can be adjusted dynamically according to the data which is found.

This is not only better for the environment, but a huge cost saver for large businesses who grow plants and crops on an industrial scale.

Large Improvement in Battery Powered Machines

Lithium-ion batteries were a turning point in the rise of the cordless power tool. Nowadays, you will find professional tradesmen using a fully cordless set of power tools. 15 years ago this was not possible. Now, people can’t imagine using a corded machine in many situations.

Over 84% of power tool users say they would go cordless, and that was back in 2018.

A quick search online finds that almost all tools in the garden are now available in a range of high performance, cordless, battery powered options. For example, cordless lawn mowers are one of the most popular garden tools which are cordless.

With their compact sizes, low levels of noise, easy maintenance and less polluting engines you can see why a huge number of people would want to switch to the cordless electric machine vs a petrol powered lawn mower.

Market Trend Expected to Continue

Many experts predict that this trend for cordless powered machines will continue at pace until all but the most industrial scale professionals are using petrol powered machines.

You can expect those companies who are investing in their ranges of cordless and smart technology to continue to see improved sales and an increase in market share over the coming years.