How Stephen Hauser Turned $3K into $41K with a Shift in Mindset and Proper Mentorship

Since the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, Stephen Hauser says that since then, he has dabbled in many different ventures trying to make things work in order to find a life he can be proud of that he built for himself. “I found myself putting in 12+ hours every day trying to build out the right systems to be able to scale these ventures up,” Hauser says, “from real estate wholesaling, to launching my own marketing agency.” He also shared that he found it difficult to find motivation in a game that he wasn’t familiar with. It was hard to stay focused on the end goal in the field of entrepreneurship without guidance on the do’s and don’ts. Luckily, Stephen was able to find his now mentor, Gus otherwise known on Instagram as @thewallstreetgoat.

Gus has had such an impact on the life and career of Stephen that he says, Gus is the individual who he would consider a role model in the field. After messaging him, Stephen quickly discovered something called day trading, one of the many areas of investments and stocks. Stephen’s interest instantly peaked, he wanted  to learn more. Therefore he decided that he would purchase Gus’ extremely affordable course that came along with a free trial into his live trading group. Hauser claims, “Since then I witnessed him grow a baby stock & crypto account into a 6 figure account.” The transparent approach has assisted in making the learning process much easier. As a matter of fact, Stephen has struck big wins in day trading since his attendance in that course. The class gave him an insight on the proper management of his money and how to be smart and quick with it in the game. If things are done correctly, and in Stephen’s case, you can grow a small sum of investment money in no time. Hauser excitedly shared, “I have personally been able to turn a $3,000 account into $41,000.” That’s over a 1000 percent increase of the original investment.  Being notably one of the biggest achievements in his hustle with day trading and investments.

Hauser has been able to accomplish plenty in his time as a day trader and he has a lot to share with younger generations or other people who were in his shoes when he first started. He says that one of the most important things in your journey is to find someone you trust, and go all in with them but at first take everything with a grain of salt. Stepher has changed a lot since that first day trade. Stepher now has an income stream that he can manage himself and live a life of financial freedom that he has always dreamed of. Living financially independent is one of the biggest rewards that has come out of Hauser’s dedication to his passion. Along his path to success he has had many blunders and many more wins.

To him, one of the most compelling times in his life didn’t seem so positive. “I had felt as if I had hit rock bottom,” Stephen said, “and somehow the universe presented to me day trading through options on Wall Street  and how Gus built the educational company and trading room.” Before finding Gus, finding a mentor who would actually help and guide him in the right direction seemed absolutely impossible. Until he finally did and is now in a business where he can control his work day-to-day.

Instagram: @stepher_hauser