How Real Estate Businesses Can Benefit From A Video Maker

No industry can ignore the digital world and that includes real estate. People not only expect online content and videos but you’ll also generate more leads for your property listings. Using an online video is both an effective way to grab attention and to showcase your portfolio along with who you are. In fact, you can build trust and credibility through the right images. Furthermore, you don’t have to be the most creative in the world because video maker companies like do the hard work for you. Their platforms provide you with professional-grade quality outputs as well as a large library of business templates for you to get started. Making online videos has never been so easy so don’t sell yourself short and make videos in just a few clicks.

How Real Estate Benefits from an Online Video Maker

An incredible 73% of homeowners say that they’re more likely to reach out to an agent who uses video, according to the National Association of Realtors. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits of working with a video maker. Moreover, here are some pointers for you to get started:

  • Pitch yourself as an expert with the human touch
  • Make your properties look alive with guided tours
  • Reach out to a wider audience
  • Customer testimonials
  • Different types of real estate videos


The real estate industry can be daunting for many people. However, using an online video maker allows you to present yourself as approachable and knowledgeable. You can even share some previous examples of how you’ve helped people buy or sell their property. This will enable people to relate to you better and imagine working with you. Moreover, people are more likely to reach out if they feel connected to the person behind the company name.

Guided Tours

Most people start their own research online. They are more likely to be convinced to talk to you if they’ve seen you in action. Perhaps you can showcase a few properties or even clips from one of your open house events? This is all about building trust such that you show how much you understand your market, that you have an extensive network, and the know-how to work well with people.

Once you have your photos and clips then it’s very easy to download these into your chosen template before editing with your video editor tool. How much you then customize is completely up to you. Nevertheless, make sure that your images and music match your business style and branding.

Larger Reach

Thanks to social media, it’s very easy to grow your community of followers organically. This is also true for any real estate business. Of course, you have to make sure that your video is ideally around 2 minutes to avoid people losing attention. Furthermore, you can make it easy for them to share your online video by having fun or meaningful thumbnails alongside it. Don’t forget that including great images of properties and the surrounding neighborhood is also a bonus. This is because it will help people dream such that they are more likely to reach out to you for their next property.

Customer Testimonials

Why not let your happy customers speak on your behalf? It’s the perfect way to build trust and credibility and to generate a successful image. You can still keep your online video short and snappy with awesome eye-catching images that appeal to people. Why not play around with a storyline also? Whatever content outline you decide on, there’s bound to be the perfect business template that you can get started with. You should also include some music to create an emotional link and then you’re ready to download your video onto social media and to your mailing list.

Different Online Video Types

Don’t let yourself be restricted by the obvious property video tour. You can build some excitement with the different types such as introducing yourself as the trusted agent or simply providing advice about the market. Remember that the least pushy online videos are more successful. Giving advice portrays you as someone who wants to help people rather than just as someone who’s interested in making a sale.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Marketing with an Online Video Maker

Making online videos is both easy and cost-effective. Once you’ve chosen your ideal video maker then you can make unlimited videos so that your online content is always fresh. When it comes to real estate, online videos make a huge difference in making you look more approachable and trustworthy. In fact, you really have nothing to lose from creating an online video because, in the worst case, people will just move onto something else. However, the benefits are huge and could generate that many more sales lead for you. So, why not give it a go? You might even have fun in the process.