How QC Kinetix (The Woodlands), a Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Shenandoah, TX, is Helping Patients Beat Pain and Sports Injuries

Shenandoah, TX: By embracing regenerative medicine, QC Kinetix (The Woodlands) has firmly positioned itself as a top clinic for patients seeking alternative treatments to surgery in Woodlands. Its board-certified doctors administer advanced regenerative orthopedics to relieve knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and hip pain. Regenerative medicine also helps counteract the effects of pain due to direct trauma and overuse. Unlike invasive surgeries that require extended recuperation time, patients treated with biologic therapies at QC Kinetix (The Woodlands) pain control clinic do not need to worry about downtime.

One of the most outstanding features of QC Kinetix (The Woodlands) is the opportunity to access personalized, concierge-level service. The elevated treatment approach is covered under “Concierge Medicine” and begins when the patient steps at the clinic door and is greeted warmly. The spokesman for QC Kinetix, Scott Hoots, is tasked with releasing press and internal communique concerning the group.

Pain due to arthritis is a major reason many people develop joint pain. It happens when the protective and connective cartilage that cushions the connecting joints wears off over time, causing friction and, ultimately, painful joints. For the most part, treatment has traditionally involved using analgesics or painkillers. Doctors also prescribe Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), surgery, and Immunosuppressants to subdue inflammation. The Woodlands joint pain treatment is only made after the patient’s symptoms, and blood test results are analyzed. As a procedural guideline, patients will be made to understand all the options available to them before any treatment commences.

The clinic is part of the fast-expanding QC Kinetix regenerative medical group that offers the latest natural treatment protocols to help patients recover from chronic pain and sports injuries. Athletes and other patients seeking elbow pain treatment can find relief in regenerative medicine without taking the surgery route. The treatment minimizes pain in the soft tissue and joints using the body’s healing properties. It is essential to note that the elbow joint contains an intricate network of muscles, bones, tendons, and bursae, which all have to be carefully analyzed when formulating an intervention.

The discussion surrounding the cost of regenerative medicine treatment, concerns about safety, and associated risks will all ensue during the initial no-obligation consultation with the doctor. The cost is determined by key pointers like the specific condition the patient is suffering and the level of severity. For more about their The Woodlands office and protocols, check out the QC Kinetix Regenerative Medicine Blog.

For consultation and treatment, the medical team at QC Kinetix (The Woodlands) can be contacted at (713) 913-5285. Their clinic is located at 1001 Medical Plaza Drive, Suite 190, Shenandoah, TX, 77380, USA. Testimonials of patients who have found relief from regenerative medicine are highlighted on YouTube and Google Reviews.

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