How Much are Lightsabers at Galaxy’s Edge?

From hundreds of movies to Tv shows to Disney land parks, the Disney franchise never ceases to amaze its fans. 2019 was not just a year. It was a gift for the Star Wars fans. One of the largest Disney projects, the Galaxy’s edge” was finally revealed to its fans after a long wait of 6 years.

If you have ever been to “Galaxy’s Edge,” you know what I am talking about. It is just not a park that you visit or a Disney land where you can have a lot of fun. In Galaxy’s Edge, you feel the Star Wars. From living a few hours of Jedi moments to riding Han’s Millennium Falcon. From fighting against the Empire at ‘Rise of the Resistance.’ to eating at Docking Bay 7 and drinking at Oga’s Cantina, you can do almost everything that you have watched till now in Star Wars Saga.

Dak Ondar’s Shop

Well, how come we talk about Star Wars and we forget lightsabers? You got that right. You can buy many lightsaber variants at Galaxy’s edge in Dak Ondar’s Den. The better part is that you can craft your own lightsaber in Savi’s workshop. This shop is like no other when we talk about the collection of artifacts.

Including the lightsabers of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Mace Windu, you can also find Kyber crystals, Sith artifacts, Jedi mini-busts, Sith journals, Temple guards mask, various helmets, Jedi figurines, gear sets, food capsules, Holocrons, and more in Dak Ondar’s Workshop. You can even get your hands on Jedi cloak and padawan hair braid as well.

The news of the upcoming 3 new lightsabers of Ahsoka Tano, Count Dooku, and Cal Kentis will make your trip worth the visit.

Suppose you are thinking of going to Galaxy’s edge or thinking of getting a lightsaber. In that case, the question that clicks in your mind is how much are lightsabers at Galaxy’s Edge, or how much to build your own lightsaber.

How Much are Lightsabers at Galaxy’ Edge?

During the Galaxy’s Edge launch, the lightsabers were priced up to $199.99, excluding the tax. Just recently, the prices were raised to $219.99 and tax. It sounds expensive, but it will be worth the experience of building your own lightsaber.

Considering there are ten legacy lightsabers, the price may varies. For example, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber needs two extra blades on the hilt. Ahsoka Tano’s two curved-hilt lightsabers will range differently. Similarly, the unique features of Jedis lightsaber can cost you differently. However, the price will go $219.99 at most, excluding the additional items for customization.

How to Build your Lightsaber in Galaxy’s Edge?

When you enter Savi’s shop in Galaxy’s edge, you will meet one of the Gatherers out there waiting for you. You will choose one of the four themed hilts for your lightsaber. Those four themes are

  • Peace and Justice
  • Power and Control
  • Element Nature
  • Protection and Defense

Once you have selected, the gatherers will guide you through the whole procedure. You will be offered three different Kyber crystals. Choose the color you want and insert it into the Holocrons. The fun begins. You will hear mysterious whispers of Jedis telling you the ways of the Force.

The rest of the selected parts will be assembled for you, and you will get your 31 inches long lightsaber. The unused parts will not be included in your $219.19 lightsaber package, and know that it is one builder per experience. You will get a carrying case under this package.

You can go to Dok Andor’s Den to get other customization items, but those items will be charged separately. Before you go to Galaxy, just know that the demand for lightsaber building experience is very high at the moment, and you may have to book a reservation in advance.

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So, if you plan to make a trip to Galaxy’s edge, make it worthwhile. You have enjoyed the Star Wars show till now, but now is the time to live it. Lightsabers may sound expensive, but there is no price to experience something you will cherish in your memory forever.