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How Is Lunar Strategy Helping SaaS Businesses Thrive In the Post Covid Economy

The last few months have been a large struggle for many businesses. Many business firms had to shut down their operations, while others transitioned from the traditional brick-and-mortar model to a virtual or online system.

SaaS companies were also affected because of the global pandemic and coronavirus-induced lockdowns. But these companies have been greatly benefitted by online digital marketing firms, like Lunar Strategy, who continuously assisted them with result-driven marketing campaigns to generate new leads. 

Lunar Strategy has come forward and meticulously launched attractive digital campaigns for these SaaS companies to help them thrive amidst the coronavirus pandemic. SAAS companies need to create an impactful presence online. They must enlighten the target audience about how they can help other firms with their services and technical expertise.

SaaS In the Post Covid World

In the post-pandemic period, several firms and business enterprises may be actually looking for a SaaS company. Online visibility through video marketing, online live streams, hosting webinars, and blogs, is extremely essential to growing your SAAS business and reaching out to your target audience.

According to Tim Haldorsson, founder of Lunar Strategy, “In the hyper-competitive SaaS segment, creating brand loyalty is vital. As the situation improves, SaaS companies would be looking forward to consolidating their position in the market, only the ones who can better publicize themselves online will eventually become successful. There are several lead generation techniques that SaaS companies can opt for.”

Adding further, Tim said, “SaaS firms should hire digital marketing professionals who have a result-driven approach to creating ads and online promotional campaigns to generate leads and help firms grow their businesses. A proper vision and staying up to date with the latest PPC model and algorithm is crucial to keeping a check on reckless spending on digital marketing and online ads.”

The Necessity of PPC Campaigns For SaaS Firms

Not all online platforms generate the same results. Moreover, there are specific purposes for when, where, and how you can run your online campaigns. Among all PPC campaigns, Google Ads is the most popular among SaaS companies.

You should also take into account the demographic factor and geographical locations while launching any new PPC campaigns on Google. Always take gender, age, interest, profession, and location into account for a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. If you overlook these elements, you may end up losing lots of funds without any concrete results.

Lunar Strategy helps SaaS companies with all necessary digital marketing campaigns and promotional drives. Team Lunar strategizes your business goals in such a way that it generates ROI-driven results. Lunar Strategy, with its professional team, oversees all your campaigns to scrutinize if those are running smoothly or require any changes.

Lunar Strategy offers other essential digital marketing services like SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SaaS Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Free SEO Audit, PPC, and many more.


As far as PPC campaigns for SaaS companies are concerned, Google Ads generates the highest number of clicks, new leads, and low CPC (Cost Per Click). You have the option to even choose YouTube Video Ads, display ads, and search ads to amplify your digital campaigns on Google.

Lunar Strategy is your one-stop destination for creating a beautiful app or business website that generates new leads and revenue. It ensures user-friendliness, a high-speed landing page, attractive web designs, on-page and off-page SEO techniques along with relevant content to get you maximum business in this post-covid scenario.

At a time when businesses are gradually returning to normalcy, with greater use of software in every firm, SaaS companies have the golden option to grow and thrive even more.