How is Transforming Furniture E-Tailing in India

Furniture shopping is synonymous with visiting mega furniture malls, getting a touch-and-feel for the furniture of your choice, mulling over the various colours to match with your home decor, etc. However, in the recent past, this traditional approach has taken quite a turn. 

Rise of E-Tail Furniture Brands

People today are comfortable shopping for furniture online, and furniture companies are offering a variety of features to help customers be it virtual tryouts, assembling of furniture, customization etc. In India particularly, we are well familiar with brands like Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, Wooden Street etc. which have substantially transformed how people shop for furniture. With these brands, one can have access to a broad range of furniture be it for the home, office, study etc. What has, however, been missing from the furniture industry in India is a dedicated player offering customisation. With advancement in tech (video consultations, in-camera production, AR / VR)  at its core, One such recent brand is beginning to change that. 

Duraster – Journey of a Niche-Based Furniture E-Tailer

Duraster is a mid-sized furniture company in India that sprouted out of the pandemic. Based in Jodhpur – the furniture capital of India – their aim is to offer solid wood furniture. This type of furniture is made from natural wood types such as sheesham, acacia, mango wood etc. Many might argue that solid wood is a lost cause, a fizzled out concept but Duraster puts those suspicions to rest. In less than two years, the brand has managed to grow, establish a customer base of more than 7000, and garner trust among them. 

It is a 100% made-in-India brand with artisans who are masters at creating solid wood furniture. Currently, Duraster offers its collection of sleek, understated, charming furniture fully online. Their range includes sofas, beds, side units, wall units, dining tables, coffee tables, desks etc. While solid wood furniture is priced higher as compared to artificial wooden furniture or mass-produced furniture due to its impressive durability, Duraster offers discounts on most of its range. Their e-tailing model also makes it convenient for customers to get personalised furniture.
The company offers consultation services from start to end for those looking to customise their furniture. 

Heirloom Furniture at Duraster 

Duraster’s hand-picked designs impart its furniture the uniqueness one longs to have in their homes today. Nothing is mass-produced here, and it’s almost unlikely that your furniture at Duraster will find its doppelganger elsewhere because the wooden patterns, stains, and finishing is unique to each piece. This also allows their furniture to later become heirloom pieces as they last long enough to be passed down in generations. 

Experiential Stores … Coming Soon

Although the brand is fully online, its favourable response by customers has led the company to soon open three experiential stores across the country in Pune, Bengaluru, and Mumbai this year to create an omnichannel experience. This is where you can get that touch and feel for your solid wood furniture, get acquainted with the process that goes behind creating heirloom furniture, and work with experts to create bespoke furniture. Augmented Reality or AR will be at the core of these centres, allowing customers to visualise and customise furniture before buying it.

Visitors of the store can use the technology to modify the size, colour, and placement of the furniture before purchasing it and enjoy in-store engagement – since a majority of customer navigate through product information, reviews, and prices on their mobile phones while in-store, Duraster will use  digital imagery throughout the store to share information, tips, tricks, etc.

With the overcrowding of furniture brands in India – both online and offline, it is imperative for any newcomer to define its niche and do what they do best. For Duraster, this is premium solid wood furniture, which is a rarity in the country. With its e-tail and experiential stores, Duraster is set to expand, offer iconic, state-of-the-art furniture and continue to build customers’ trust in them.  

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