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How Fancy Frenchies Are Setting Themselves Apart from Other NFTs in 2021

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have gained enormous popularity over the last 12 months. The first half of 2021 alone saw sales of NFTs over $2.5billion, with the industry having grown 300% in 2020. However, not all NFTs have the same success or profitability. And in 2021, Fancy Frenchies seem geared up to take center stage in this lucrative market.

Backed by blockchain technology, NFTs are digital assets that can be traded openly. Fancy Frenchies may be the most recent addition to this field, but they have already experienced notable success. The 10,000 tokens, each of which represents a unique French bulldog, sold out within just two minutes of their launch on September 16. This is a record unsurpassed by any other NFT.

How Fancy Frenchies set themselves apart from other NFTs in the market is two-fold. Firstly, they have the support of various celebrities like Steve Aoki and Tory Lanez and famous athletes like James Bouknight and Kendrick Nunn, which alone has helped them gain considerable fame and popularity. Secondly, they have an ethical edge that is popular with consumers. Fancy Frenchies provide financial support to animal rescue charities and aim to bring a positive change in the world. In a live stream in collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki, Fancy Frenchies made a donation of $25,000 to the charitable organization Hope for Paws. Combining these aspects enabled them to redefine the NFT market.

This token group has grown massively over a short time, owing to their celebrity endorsement and charitable actions. Fancy Frenchies consider their objective as “using their digital assets to inflict change in the real world.” And this has been sufficiently demonstrated through what they have already achieved.

It is these ethical goals and the genuine actions to back them that have set Fancy Frenchies apart from other NFTs in 2021. Furthermore, this does not look like a trend that is due to end any time soon.