How does OTT Impact on Film industry and theaters?

OTT is know as over the top . It refers to connecting or delivery of TV and film content via a device that connects both internet and television or Its a method of sending content over a high speed internet connection instead of content being shared by traditional means of cable and satellite provider. OTT can be accessed in three ways by connected devices , streaming services and television apps .by television apps the ott has been popularly  known . Examples of OTT are netflix , amazon prime , aha , hulu etc . OTT is not free; it allows individuals to avoid paying bundles of money for cable and satellite providers by providing OTT at much lower cost . The amount of people using ott has raised by the past two years uonline pto 81% ott services and applications have been quickly springing up by providing easy access to the people they want or the device they want to watch . The content  from an ott provider is directly delivered to the consumer over the internet connection many services that are labelled ott such as netflix , disney are bundled into a single subscription from a service provider and presented to the viewer as an integrated mix of content.


OTT has rapidly grown mainly due to a number of factors. Digital india plays a important role in promoting OTTs youth oriented in viewership of ott such as netflix etc the less price of smartphones and cellular date has enabled a large number of population to gain the online platforms from past two years ott had a growth because pf covid 19 this helped people to watch old and new movies in home with family it was safe part during the pandemic this made ott raised and it also raised by providing interesting offers and by low prices to the users .


There are many benefits of using OTT platforms. They have become so famous in India within less period of time OTT are cost effective they can pay an amount monthly or yearly and offers are also provided they can be easily accessed through phones , tvs , laptops . the only thing is we need to have the internet . ott are creative and its open platform for entertainment and biggest advantage of  this OTT is that it has provided a medium for new talent to get more opportunities as the projects are much higher compared to tvs and films OTTs are international content any indian can view this platform anywhere internally and this ott are safe and allows large number of members to watch together in particular place and they can be used at any time no time restrictions are given by OTTs.


The OTT platforms have various issues and challenges . OTTs affect social harmony and political harmony and social harmony in the way there is no censor board and it may hurt people’s sentiments . In otts there is no organisation no department or body is taking the responsible for the content it goes online it has always been biggest concerns fpor the government OTTs has been threat to culture and tradition and some may not be able to accept this unique content this OTTs may not bring must profits to film or the film makers .

Impact on industry and theaters;

OTTs has bought a large impact on industry and theaters otts are losses to the theaters and people are losing the theater experiences by the otts in industry the movie makers may not get high profits and number of running days of  a films are reduced due to OTTs.but  in some situation otts also help the industry by releasing films in otts in case of pandemics like covid .


All Indian movies are going to be released on Ott platforms like aha, amazon prime ,Ott Raja,  netflix , hotstar etc the ott which are meant to watch telugu, tamil, hindi movies will be mentioned with characters name in movie by original name , subtitles , reviews etc telugu movies are firstly released in theaters later they are released in OTTs they are some telugu movies or web series which are meant to released only in OTTs.

Telugu movies that directly released in OTTs ;

In OTT movies are pre released but they are some movies which are  directly released in OTT . But some movies due to pandemic were directly released in OTT .  this ott not only provides movies they also release short films and webseries . they are some telugu movies  which are directly released in OTT they are krishna and rama krishna [aha] , penguin [ amazon prime] , all RGV movies , V nani’s [ amazon prime] etc…


The Whopping price is high if the movie is released in theater but whereas nowadays OTT are also giving high returns to movie release . Example ; V nani’s movie is the best example for high returns of income it has been released in OTT as there were no theaters due to covid . The producers plan to release in OTT by taking 35cr  and ott has gained  20cr only at first week of release and now most of the producers are waiting further for development of OTTs and most of the movies are pre releasing in OTTs .

As the theaters are opened the movies are released in theaters later they are released in OTT . Further upcoming  movies in OTT are chaavu kaburu challaga undu on april 16th 2021 in aha, jathirathanalu on april 10th in amazon prime etc…

Impact of film industry

In the film industry the small films can be directly released in OTT while bigger movies wait and release in theater OTT has helped the film industry by releasing movies in OTT  in pandemic situations. OTT platform will grow 1500% in the future and will definitely affect the film industry in the coming years . By this pandemic people choose OTT but they are attracted towards them and preferring them is a drawback from industry in the earning process . OTTs and theaters should be managed for development of film industry.