How Covid-19 Has Affected The Weddings And The Wedding Industry

Even though weddings can still be held with restrictions, the effect of these restrictions has left vendors and couples with uncertainty affecting them both emotionally and financially. The outburst of COVID-19 has affected wedding vendors and the couples seeking these services. It has also involved other professions, including photographers, caterers and wedding hire companies, which has led to a loss of income.

How Much Do We Spend On Weddings?

The average cost of a Wedding has been estimated to be between $30,000 to $40,000. This is with the inclusion of photographers, caterers, and any other hired businesses. This was the average cost of a wedding before COVID-19, before the uncertainty that comes with planning an event in these times. So how much would you have to spend now?

Planning A Wedding During COVID-19:

Planning a wedding is difficult at the best of times, but COVID-19 has made it even more so. Wedding vendors are faced with an uncertain future. This uncertainty causes them to be less dependable on their services or unable to offer these services altogether.

The average cost of a Wedding has been estimated to be between $30,000 – $40,000 before COVID-19 came along and created uncertainty within the industry. Now you’ll have to spend more money on a contingency plan for the possibility of not being able to find vendors that are willing and able to provide services.

If you were going budget-conscious, it would be prudent for you to add another $4000 – $5000 to your estimate of what COVID-19 will cost you to cover some contingencies like having an emergency list of vendors available or even renting items from companies who specialise in event rental.

Smaller Things That Need To Be Considered When Planning A Wedding During COVID-19

  • Seating Arrangements – You’ll need to make sure that when organising your seating arrangements, they are kept few as possible for each table (e.g. 10 per table) and trying to keep people seated with other members from their household.
  • Dancing – Ensure when choosing a venue, it has an open area for dancing with enough space to follow regulations. You will need to consider how to put in place rules to avoid crowding on the dance floor. Also, having drinks on the dance floor and having traditional wedding rituals such as throwing the bouquet may need to be modified.
  • Food Service – It is best to stick to individual servings during these times rather than extensive family catering with lots of share plate to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Guest List – During these times, it would be best advised to keep your guest list at a minimum, meaning only inviting Immediate family and keeping close friends to a minimum.
  • Venue Selection – Ensure when selecting a venue to hire that you keep in mind that there will be COVID-19 regulations for social distancing. This means choosing a larger venue or an outdoor venue to ensure that regulations are met.
  • Minimise Crowding – To minimise crowding, you stagger the guests’ arrivals or departures to lower this risk. Other precautions can be done to minimise crowding such as, numbering entries, designated seats/places and marking floors so people know where they should stand at all times, giving them enough space from one another (at least 1.5 meters at all times).
  • Having the necessary Supplies – It is crucial that you make sure to have the necessary supplies. This includes ensuring that the venue has enough sanitary supplies and areas such as sanitisers, anti-bacterial wipes and washroom facilities (even for guests with disabilities).

Virtual Weddings

With COVID-19 still being prominent in most countries globally, people are now turning to have their weddings in other ways.

Virtual Weddings are the new trend that has been taking over recently, with more and more couples opting for this type of wedding due to COVID-19 affecting many areas globally.

The virtual ceremony provides you with an online experience where each guest can watch your vows, ring exchange and kiss from the comfort of their homes or offices no matter which country they come from, by logging on to a website link given beforehand without having to worry about getting sick or travelling long distances.

This way it allows guests who cannot make it physically because COVID-19 affects their health to be a part of your special day still and be able to watch from the comfort of their own homes.

With this, you get all these memories captured digitally so that it’s easy to store them away as well! It is an inexpensive way for couples who cannot afford a wedding or are on a tight budget due to COVID-19 affecting many aspects of life economically.


Overall, if you were to plan a wedding during these times, it’s still possible and affordable. You have to take a little more time and do some research on the locations you’re looking at so that you can still follow COVID-19 regulations and guidelines to ensure your special day remains special.

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