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How AQUADOGE Aims to be the Next 100x Crypto Project

Los Angeles, California, 8 Aug 2021, ZEX PR WIRE, With cryptocurrencies booming and DeFi meme coins like BabyDoge and MiniDoge exploding every day, it’s easy for one to start wondering how they can get involved in the next meme coin to go 10x. With all of these cryptos promising insane returns, one that really sets itself apart is AquaDoge.

AQUADOGE has an interesting blend of meme, utility, and charity aspects which many other meme coins seem to lack! In order to be seen as a BSC gem in today’s saturated crypto markets, a token has to offer something that others do not, aside from the same old “100x return, to the moon” which has become a trite and plaguing catchphrase for any emerging crypto asset these days. Here’s why AQUADOGE has the potential to actually back those words.

Marketing, Community, and Tokenomics:

The three aspects that make or break a new ICO. AQUADOGE has all 3 firing on all cylinders! With a huge marketing budget to start, they were able to grow their Telegram Group to over 11,000 people in just 4 short days since starting and are continuing to grow every day! They also have some extensive marketing campaigns lined up for when they launch, including working with some big name celebrities like Rich The Kid, CryptoWendy, and are even discussing looking into Logan Paul To promote their token and spread awareness about their mission.

The developers are always extremely active in chat, hardly letting a single message go by unattended to. Unlike some community groups for other memecoins, which simply mute the chat until launch, the AQUADOGE team is constantly answering all questions about the project, engaging the community, addressing FUD, and most importantly hyping the community up for launch. In doing so, they are filling up their presale phase of the ICO very quickly, and project that they will fill the hard cap before launch.

How Does AquaDoge Aim To Make Itself Amongst One of the Few 100x Crypto Projects?

Well the answer is more complex than it may seem, and that’s where AQUADOGE’s incredible tokenomics and marketing come into play! The roadmap is bullish and promising, and they are scheduled to be hosted on popular crypto community groups like Satoshi Street Bets, and a few others for AMAs, which historically have led to other tokens increasing in the same hour. The plan also moves to do some aggressive marketing on TikTok, YouTube, and celebrity IG channels, and have already received a shoutout from the former president of Mexico.

Currently with the help of the incredibly engaged community, it can get DEXTools trending within a couple days after launch, which typically leads to an incredible amount of buying volume, causing prices to surge even more. And AQUADOGE also is planning to apply for CMC and Coingecko listings on launch day.

Token holding for redistribution benefits

Furthermore, the tokenomics will allow holders to earn 3% redistribution from every transaction, which some of the telegram community members who contributed to presale are noticing is causing their AQUADOGE balances to increase even before the ICO!

The developers state that while they have grandiose marketing plans they will be implementing, they want the chart to display a healthy and steady climb, so as to not urge members to take profits too soon. All in all, they expect to hit a 100M market cap within a month or so of launching.

One thing is for certain. AQUADOGE is here to stay, and as with any new altcoin, early joiners stand to benefit the most. The developers have confirmed that the project will be one of the top trending DOGE projects in the market, and will continue to support and grow the community for years to come, while creating rippling awareness to its ocean cleaning charitable causes in the process.

Updates will be posted on the AquaDoge website, as well as in their community Telegram, for investors to easily stay up to date.

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