How an Artist and a Dealer Teamed Up to Create the Shama Shorties NFT

London, United Kingdom — NFT’s have quickly become part of a popular culture attracting lots of attention from the general public. In the last year, there have been more and more projects launched, including Shama Shorties, which has taken over the NFT marketplace. But what really makes this NFT different from the rest?

The story of two passionate female art patrons joined together with one goal, Arushi Kapoor and Lindsay Dawn, are part of what makes Shama Shorties stand out. They are both young powerhouses in the art world and have been working in the industry for years.

According to Lindsay, art has always been a part of her life. She has loved painting from a young age, describing it as her first language and an outlet she will use for the rest of her life. More than just art, Lindsay is using her talent to tell stories and encourage others through her unique paintings.

She is showing others that you do not have to let people’s opinions stop you from achieving your goals. While Lindsay has always had a deep passion for art, the journey has not been easy. At some point, Lindsay left to explore other career ideas because of societal limitations. However, her passion for art kept calling, which pushed her to take a huge step and do what she truly loves. Lindsay has now been in the art space for over five years, with collectors including LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell Westbrook, among others. Looking back, she says she is happy she fought for what she believed in as she was able to meet Arushi, her art dealer, and work with her in the art world and now their NFT project, Shama Shorties.

Shama Shorties is a collection of 5555 unique NFTs created by an all-women team to empower women. Shama Shorties is also bridging the gap between the physical art world and artwork living in the metaverse, helping everyone better understand the NFT space. 

Arushi and Lindsay explain that the Shama Shorties are made out of various randomized aspects, including bodies, Saturn heads, accessories, and much more. This will help them maintain a high value and demand. Each Shortie has exclusive member benefits such as VIP access to art events globally, and first dibs on collectables and merchandise.

Arushi’s newly opened gallery in LA, Arushi Gallery, is helping Shama Shorties reach their goal creating a win-win situation for everyone. Their roadmap has invite-only art classes and limited editions of clothes, which are part of the member benefits. Additionally, they are randomly selecting individuals for their NFT whitelist.

Arushi says as a female-led NFT project, one of their aims is to empower and encourage other women and young girls to know that nothing is impossible. Arushi started her journey when she was 19 years of age. Today she is the founder of ARTSop Art Consultancy and the co-founder and Director of Arushi Arts with galleries in London, USA, and India. Together with her partner, Lindsay, they are making waves in the art world’s future and NFT community. 

At only 25 years of age, both Arushi and Lindsay Dawn are redefining  the art world and the NFT space. Their project, Shama Shorties, is bridging the gap between the physical art world and NFT’s. You can learn more about Shama Shorties at, and Arushi’s Gallery at

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