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Houston car accident: Top things worth knowing!

An unfortunate car crash in Houston can leave you in a state of despair. Injuries can take months to heal, and you may have to deal with an abrupt financial crunch. As a driver involved in a car accident, you must report to the local police, as per laws in Texas. It is mandatory to report an auto accident if it results in injury, death, or considerable vehicle damage. You may also want to consider hiring a Houston car accident attorney. Below are some more relevant facts and aspects worth knowing.

  1. Help the injured. If you are physically capable of helping others after the crash, take action immediately. Call 911 and move your vehicle to a safer place. Also, check with an injury doctor later, even if your injuries don’t seem that severe. 
  2. Texas is a modified comparative fault state. If you were partly at fault for the crash, you would receive a lower settlement, depending on your fault percentage. For example, if you were given $10,000 in settlement and were found to be 20% at fault, you will eventually get $8,000. When a driver is more than 50% at fault, they cannot recover any compensation at all. 
  3. You have a deadline to take action. The statute of limitations in Texas sets the deadline to file injury lawsuits, or wrongful death lawsuits, after an accident. You have two years, from the accident date, to take action against the party at fault. Please note that these deadlines do not apply to insurance claims. 
  4. Insurance companies want to pay less for auto accident claims. All insurance companies make money through premiums. Settlements are losses that these companies want to avoid. The claims adjuster may rely on tactics to minimize the compensation paid. Do not be eager to accept the first offer from the insurance company. 
  5. Hiring an accident attorney will help. Your lawyer is your best resource to know your options and rights. Skilled car accident attorneys know what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies, and if the case demands, they can even file a lawsuit for their client. Your lawyer can also take care of the paperwork and insurance claims process. 

Hiring an accident attorney in Houston doesn’t have to be expensive. Most law firms offer a free initial consultation, and their lawyers work on a contingency fee, where they will only get paid if and when they win a settlement for you.