Hospital Sitter Services Now Available With Sharp Home Care in Marietta, GA

Marietta, GA: Sharp Home Care Marietta GA understands the stress and uncertainty that comes with having a loved one in the hospital. That’s why they offer professional hospital sitter services to families in Marietta, GA. Their team of experienced caregivers will not only provide the necessary personal care for a loved one but also offer a comforting and supportive presence. With the Home Care Marietta GA services, families can attend to work and other responsibilities without worrying about leaving their loved one alone. The company takes pride in creating personalized care plans that cater to the unique needs of each patient and family, and matching them with the right caregiver.

As one of the leading home care agencies Marietta GA, the company’s team of expert caregivers is trained to provide walking and mobility assistance, which is crucial for improving the patient’s overall health and reducing the risk of falls. By assessing the patient’s physical limitations and abilities, the team creates a personalized care plan that includes support for daily activities such as getting in and out of cars, climbing stairs, and maintaining proper posture while sitting and watching television. With Sharp Home Care Marietta GA, patients can feel secure and comfortable in their own homes.

In addition to providing physical assistance, they also help with daily tasks such as maintaining personal hygiene, which is crucial for preserving a patient’s dignity, self-esteem, and comfort. The caregivers assist with baths, oral hygiene, and other personal care needs. They also provide emotional support and encouragement to patients, helping them to reconnect with activities and routines they enjoyed before their hospitalization. For patients in transition, the agency offers transition care services to help them adjust to returning home from the hospital or rehab.

Hospitalization requires adjustments, especially in diet and meal preparation. The caregivers’ expertise in preparing meals that suit special dietary needs, such as low sodium or low trans-fat for diabetes, can save family members the burden of learning new recipes and shopping. They also provide comprehensive housekeeping and laundry services, including but not limited to; washing, folding, and neatly arranging clothes.

The sitters are highly trained to reduce physical stress and de-escalate situations. They can detect vital changes and provide an extra pair of hands – while adhering to relevant policies, procedures, and standards. In case the patient needs an emergency checkup while under their care, the sitters quickly inform the nursing staff for faster and more effective treatment. The agency also protects the patient’s records and maintains confidentiality.

Speaking about the home care agency, one person noted: “They are very thorough with their assessment of both the caregivers and the patients. Thorough background checks on their employees. Clients are given the best of care based on their needs.”

Families or loved ones interested in professional hospital sitter services can contact the home care agency at (770) 693-1870. Sharp Home Care Marietta is located at 2000 1st Dr Suite 320, Marietta, GA, 30062. Visit the website for more information.

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