Home & Clinic Surface Disinfectant Wipes Range Announced By SurgiMac LLC

While disinfectant germicidal wipes have been used for decades in the healthcare industry, the same clinical-grade cleaning tools have not always been accessible to the public. SurgiMac LLC has announced its range of wipes and cleaning solutions, helping individuals to achieve similarly advanced levels of cleanliness in their own homes.

More information about SurgiMac, clinical-grade disinfectant wipes, and the full range of germicides can be found at https://surgimac.com/collections/surface-disinfectants

Though most homeowners do not require the same standards of cleanliness as a clinic, SurgiMac allows them to access many of the same tools, as well as cleaning products designed specifically for home use. The recently announced range of products includes both Super Sani-Cloth and CaviWipes, which eliminate the COVID-19 virus when used according to the manufacturer’s directions.

The Super Sani-Cloth wipes use a proprietary blend that has been shown to kill over 50 microorganisms, including many which have multi-drug resistance, in approximately one minute. These wipes are registered with the EPA as an intermediate-level disinfectant and are fully compatible with materials used in most clinical settings.

SurgiMac has also announced the availability of Metrex products, including CaviWipes1, CaviWipes XL, and CaviWipes 2.0, as well as the brand’s original disinfectant wipes, most of which are available in several size options. All the CaviWipes cleaners are free of both bleach and fragrances, although they differ in the time required to be effective, and the pathogens they are effective against.

The company explains that the original CaviWipes, manufactured by Metrex and available from SurgiMac, are a simple way to quickly disinfect homes, daycares, and public spaces, with an estimated 3 minutes required to eliminate most pathogens. However, for settings that need more urgent cleaning, or protection against emerging pathogens, experts recommend CaviWipes 2.0.

The advanced formula in CaviWipes 2.0 qualifies for the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogens claim for all virus types to meet current and potential future infection prevention needs. While this formula requires 2 minutes to effectively disinfect an area, it is also shown to work against Norovirus and Candida Auris.

SurgiMac stated on their website, “SurgiMac’s recommended wipes include your favorite brands like PDI, McKesson, Metrex and Clorox Wipes that are triple-layered to clean, disinfect, deodorize and remove common allergens, germs and messes on surfaces in hospitals, clinics, kitchens, bathrooms and more.”

More information about home and clinical disinfectant wipes, Super Sani-Cloth, and other products from SurgiMac can be found at https://surgimac.com

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