Hollywood, FL Diamond Buying/Jewelry Sales Expert Pawn Shop Services Expand

Now serving residents of Hollywood, FL and the surrounding areas, the company’s expansion leverages operational experience providing high-class pawn shop and loan services to new and existing customers.

More information can be accessed at: https://www.goldminegp.com/

The latest announcement is in line with the Miami Garden and Diania Beach pawn shop’s vision of providing good quality, trusted, and experienced service to the residents of the area who wish to sell or pawn personal assets.

The company operates a quick and easy lending process for those who wish to pawn precious metals, jewelry, and diamonds. This means the customer does not lose their item permanently, but uses their item as collateral against their loan.

There are different factors that the company considers when purchasing or lending money against diamonds. For example, the payout depends on the market value of the item, which is determined by its size, cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. For a cluster of diamonds, the payout is based on the value of each diamond in the cluster. If the diamonds are situated in a brand-name jewelry item, such as a Tiffany necklace, the payout can be considerably more because of the intrinsic value and brand value of the product.

Goldmine Pawn typically pay more for items that are deemed easy to sell. These include Tiffany diamonds, Zales diamonds, loose diamonds, and 1-carat diamonds.

The pawnshop also has a wide selection of diamonds for sale, and can advise customers of the most suitable items in stock depending on their needs. For example, if a customer is looking for an engagement ring, the highly trained staff can advise accordingly.

Goldmine Pawn is a trusted lender. All quotes on jewelry, diamonds, and watches are done while the customer waits, and customers are under no obligation to sell or pawn unless they choose to do so. All appraisals and transactions are strictly confidential between the member of staff and the client.

The business operates under a strict policy upon which it will not accept stolen goods. Customers must show a government issued identification and signature.

Interested parties can access: https://www.goldminegp.com/

Goldmine Pawn

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