Hodgson Law Offices Announces Divorce Attorney Services In Spokane County

Hodgson Law Offices, which specializes in cases pertaining to family law, has announced its attorney services for Spokane County couples going through divorce proceedings. Offering legal counsel, negotiation, and court representation, the firm is committed to securing fair outcomes in all divorce matters, including alimony, child support, and custody.

More details can be found at https://hodgsonlawoffices.com/

While Washington is a no-fault state, lead attorney Mark D. Hodgson explains that even in uncontested divorces, issues may arise pertaining to property division and custody rights, which require professional legal advice and assistance. As such, Hodgson Law Offices now offers its legal expertise and guidance throughout the entire process – from petitioning the court for a dissolution of marriage to settling all contested aspects of the divorce.

Hodgson Law Offices appreciates that divorce takes an emotional and financial toll on the client and members of their family. As such, they maintain open and effective communication and strive to provide compassionate support, strategic counsel, and vigorous advocacy to achieve favorable outcomes.

The firm offers legal representation for all manner of divorces – from uncontested to high-conflict. In particular, the firm recognizes the challenges and ramifications of divorce proceedings with minor or major disagreements and seeks to negotiate and settle matters in a timely and satisfactory manner. Its attorneys have years of experience handling all aspects that arise in contested divorces; this includes spousal support, child custody, and property division.

While Hodgson Law Offices will strive to achieve a settlement through negotiations, in such cases where a settlement cannot be reached, its experienced trial attorneys will represent the client in court of law.

“At Hodgson Law Offices, we seek to provide insightful legal advice and representation throughout the entire divorce process,” said Mark D. Hodgson. “From initial consultations to negotiations and, if necessary, courtroom advocacy, our attorneys guide clients through each stage, ensuring their legal rights and interests are protected.”

About Hodgson Law Offices

Led by Mark D. Hodgson, Hodgson Law Offices provides legal representation in alimony, child support, custody, and divorce cases, among others. Its team of attorneys has over 20 years of experience and serves Spokane, Lincoln, Stevens, and Adams counties.

Interested parties can learn more about the firm at https://www.theattorneypost.com/mark-hodgson-experienced-family-law-attorney-providing-personalized-vigorous-advocacy-in-spokane/

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