History of Shooting Brake

If you are a car lover type of person you may know the term shooting brake and what does it mean. But if you are not, one thing I should tell you is car terminologies are very difficult to understand. For instance, what do you understand by the term shooting brake? As an ordinary person, you may think it’s a type of braking system in the car but it is a special type of design. This article will help you understand the term shooting-brake, how and when it was first used.

So, starting from a simple definition, a shooting brake is a kind of car design like a horse-drawn wagon originally used to transport equipment of the hunting parties. The equipment like guns used by the hunters during shooting. That’s why it is called a shooting brake. Now we have to split the whole terminology into two parts. One is “shooting” and the other is “brake”. You know the word shooting is there because the shooting brake is used by the hunters and shooting parties. But to understand the word brake we have to go through history once. As a modern man for you the word brake means to slow down your car. But in this case, this word has a different meaning. In history a long time ago, the word brake was used in connection with the wagons or wooden boxes attached behind a horse. So, after understanding the whole terminology we can say that a shooting brake is a type of wagon that has enough space and room at its back to take enough people and equipment on a hunting tour.

Before going into the deep history let’s talk about the modern shooting brakes available in the market. Some of the companies which have developed shooting brakes recently are Ferrari and Porsche. These shooting brakes are Panamera Porsche and Ferrari FF. One of the most awaited upcoming shooting brakes is Genesis G70 and it is an outclass upcoming model which will compete with Porsche and Ferrari.

Now jumping into the deep history, the first shooting brake was manufactured in the early 20th century. As soon as it was developed it began to attract car lovers of that time. The first model was developed in the UK. So we can say that shooting brake cars originated from the UK. It began to gain popularity in the 1920s. And in a short period of 10 years (in 1930), it had become popular all over England. One of the most famous companies Aston has worked a lot in this field. Aston manufactured a model DB5 which has become very popular and was developed in the early 1900s. One of the reasons behind the success of this car is its capability of reaching 150 miles per hour speed. At the end of the 20th century, BMW changed the history of shooting brakes and developed the Z3M model. And finally, Toyota played a card in 2016 when it manufactured GT86. It was an Australian design with enough rear space.