Hinton Buildings Launches Comprehensive Metal Building Buyer’s Guide

Hinton Buildings, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated metal buildings, has just released a comprehensive guide for buyers looking to purchase a metal garage. This guide, titled “Step by Step Guide for Buying Your Dream Metal Garage,” provides a detailed and easy-to-follow process for those looking to add a metal garage to their property.

The guide is divided into 10 units, each covering a different aspect of the buying process. The first unit, “Introduction to Metal Garages,” provides an overview of the different types of metal garages available, as well as the benefits of owning one. The second unit, “Designing Your Dream Metal Garage,” walks buyers through the process of designing their ideal metal garage, including choosing the right size, style, and features.

Unit 3, “Restrictions and Regulations,” is particularly important for buyers as it covers the local zoning and building regulations that may affect the construction of a metal garage. The guide provides information on how to obtain the necessary permits, as well as what to expect during the inspection process.

Unit 4, “Gathering Information,” is also crucial as it provides guidance on how to gather the necessary information from local authorities. This includes understanding setback requirements, utility line locations, and underground utility considerations.

Unit 5, “Planning the Garage Site,” helps buyers to select the perfect location for their metal garage on their property. This includes identifying a level spot, avoiding utility lines, marking corners and checking setbacks, and checking for underground utilities.

Unit 6, “Installing Your Foundation,” covers the different foundation options available, including a concrete slab and asphalt foundation, and provides specifications for a concrete slab, including thickness, footings, and slab size.

Unit 7, “Financing and Ordering,” discusses the financing options available through Hinton Buildings’ partner, PowerPay, and provides information on how to place an order, including deposit and payment options.

Unit 8, “Getting a Permit,” explains the process of applying for a permit, including the necessary engineer plans and site plans. The guide also includes important information on who is responsible for obtaining the permit and what to expect during the inspection process.

Unit 9, “Site Preparation and Foundations,” covers the steps involved in preparing the building site for construction, including ground or gravel installation, pouring a concrete slab, curing the slab, and submitting foundation photos and sketches.

Unit 10, “How Do I Get Started?,” concludes the guide by providing a summary of the buying process and encouraging buyers to place their order

To view the Metal Building Buyer’s Guide, readers are encouraged to visit: https://hintonbuildings.com/metal-building-buyers-guide-unit-1/

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