High End Development Offers Complementary Inspection Before Balcony Law Deadline

High End Development Inc., a Northern California specialty contractor, aims to help Property Owners and Managers, as well as HOAs by providing complementary balcony inspections ahead of the California Balcony Law deadline. Passed in 2020, bills SB326 and SB721 commonly known as the “Balcony Laws.” The term arose after the Berkeley balcony collapse which killed six young people and injured seven others. The legislation states that every building with 3 or more units in the state of California with an exterior elevated element (EEE) above six feet, requires an inspection. First inspections of these elements must be completed by a licensed architect, engineer or contractor by January 1, 2025. High End Development aims to provide property owners and HOAs of multi-family homes, condos, and apartments throughout California with preliminary options.


Applies to condominium HOAs. As required in the bill, High End Development will conduct visual inspections of EEEs and load-bearing components six feet above ground, including: balconies, decks, patios, and elevated walkways. Additionally, the contractor generates a report summarizing the findings, that is included in the association’s reserve study.

The bill outlines different timelines for existing associations and newly built condo buildings. Jim Metzger, President of High End Development states, “HED aims to educate and support HOAs on the inspection process to guarantee compliance with the California Balcony Law.” For existing HOAs, the first inspection of EEEs must be completed by January 1, 2025. In accordance with the bill, the contractor will coordinate and complete subsequent inspections once every nine years. For new condo HOAs, any new building that had a building permit application submitted after January 1, 2020, the first inspection deadline for newly constructed condos is within six years of getting issued a Certificate of Occupancy. High End Development will perform subsequent inspections once every 9 years as the bill requires. The contractor works closely with licensed structural engineers and architects who will provide a stamped, written report in accordance with SB 326. They will determine the necessity of further inspections, develop repair recommendations, and inspect completion of any immediate or routine repairs identified in the report.


Applies to landlords of apartment buildings or structures with three or more multi-family dwelling units. The first inspection is required by January 1, 2025, and then every six years after. High End Development adds a new level of safety to decks, balconies and other external, elevated structural elements in multi-family residential units by facilitating the whole inspection process for the owners. SB 721 requires buildings with exterior elements and associated waterproofing elements, as defined, for buildings with 3 or more multi-family dwelling units be inspected by safety inspectors that are: Licensed Architect, Licensed Civil or Structural Engineer, Building contractor holding specified licenses, or Certified building inspector or building official. High End Development employs inspectors to identify and remediate any issues to become compliant with new SB721 protocols.

The specialty contractor offers complementary inspections, including any necessary testing completed by January 1, 2025. High End Development presents the property owner with a copy of the inspection report within 45 days of the inspection completion. If the inspection reveals an immediate hazard to the safety of the occupants, the contractor will deliver the inspection report to the owner of the building within 15 days and offer emergency repairs, as specified, with notice given to the local enforcement agency. Non-emergency repairs made under these provisions are required to be completed within 120 days, unless an extension is granted by the local authorities. In accordance with SB721, the contractor will clarify expectations regarding the expected service life of the elevated elements and make recommendations for additional inspections if needed.

By offering solutions in reaction to the SB326 and SB721 compliance deadline, including complementary inspections, reporting, certifications, post-inspection repairs with workmanship warranties, and maintenance, the company intends to make it easier for Californians to employ qualified professionals to increase safety and promote compliance.

For further details concerning SB326 and SB721 solutions offered by High End Development, contact them at [email protected] and 925-687-2540, or visit www.HighEndDevelopment.com.

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