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High Authority Content Marketing – Small Business Visibility Campaigns Launched

The new content marketing service provides a range of short stories, videos, and slideshows that are published online. Clients can specify the areas of their business that they want to focus on, and this can be changed each month.

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By distributing materials on high authority websites, Parr’s Publishing states that the latest marketing campaigns not only allow businesses to explain their unique selling points, but also help to improve visibility on search engines such as Google.

The events of the past 18 months led to an almost unprecedented growth in global e-commerce. The majority of businesses now recognize that having an online presence is essential. However, as the digital market becomes increasingly crowded, standing out among growing competition can be a challenge.

This is particularly concerning for smaller businesses, who may not have the budget or media exposure that major organizations have access to. The new services from Parr’s Publishing are specifically designed with these clients in mind.

In the first instance, businesses are asked to complete a short questionnaire, which the agency then uses to create customized content. Professional writers and content creators prepare a variety of pieces that focus on those areas that have been requested by the client. The content is then published on up to 450 websites.

Search engines such as Google give additional weighting to those websites it views as ‘high authority’. The new service targets these outlets specifically, often resulting in first-page rankings.

About Parr’s Publishing

In addition to the new content marketing campaigns, Parr’s Publishing also provides a full host of digital marketing solutions that include website design, management, and basic SEO. The agency’s services are bespoke to each client, reflecting a desire to provide high quality and unique content that stands out.

Trish Parr, founder of the company, stated: “There are hundreds of top-ranking websites ready and waiting to tell the world about your products or services right now. Your business gains popularity from what these sites publish. And they only publish what you want the world to know about, nothing more.”

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Parr’s Publishing

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