Herford’s Tree Care, Inc., Top Rated Tree Service Company Offering Premier Tree Maintenance Services

Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. provides quality and safe tree care and maintenance services. The company only works with experienced tree risk assessors, arborists, and tree maintenance experts that prioritize safety. The company serves residential and commercial clients, offering services such as stump grinding, emergency cleanup, tree removal, shrub pruning, and edge trimming.

Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. offers yard services, including land clearing, debris removal, and brush radiation. The professionals are keen on safety, adhere to all safety standards in the industry, and the company has a valid CCB license, worker’s coverage, liability insurance, and bond. All the tree-care specialists are ISA certified and members of The Tree Care Industry of America and the International Society of Arboriculture. They have years of experience in the tree care field and offer outstanding customer service with real-time updates on projects.

Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. has over 23 years of experience in the tree care service industry. The company owner and president became certified by ISA as an arborist and was certified as a trained and experienced tree risk assessor in 2009. This means that the company is headed by an expert in the tree care field, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any tree care project.

The company has grown from a small business with one truck and two to three crews to a large investment with four trucks and an array of high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment that meets the needs of all the projects they have. Every year the company grows and continuously adds more skilled people to its team to handle the growing business workloads and new clients. The company is licensed and is a member of the Tree Care Industry Association.

Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. customer representative had this to say about their employees and services, “At Herford’s Tree Care, Inc., we encourage our employees to explore their talents through exposure to tree healthcare, horticulture, and supervisory positions. We believe teamwork, attention to detail, and positive attitudes are essential building blocks to a rewarding career.

Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. handles emergencies, including tree and debris removal, cleanups, and corrective pruning for damaged trees. The team offers safety assessments of the client’s location, advice, and consultancy, especially in cases where the client needs a tree removal permit. They ensure the client is well informed before any steps can be made towards the project to avoid any inconveniences in the future.

Clients can reach the company at (503) 630-2155 for more information about Herford’s Tree Care, Inc., and their tree care services. They can also visit their website to gain insight into their work, the latest projects, book appointments, and areas they serve.

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