Here Are the Most Popular Exterior House Paint Colours

From pleasing neutrals to vibrant reds, you will find a plethora of options in exterior wall paint colours that could glam up your home instantly. For a house to look inviting and welcoming, picking out the right exterior paint is pretty crucial.

While it can be challenging to find the right colour and shade for exterior painting, we are here to help you out. We are going to share a few classic favourites that can be useful in finding the perfect tone for your newly renovated house. Once you have made your pick, get the best painting services in Pune to work on home exteriors.

While you might consider your house to be a whole unit, certain items need to be considered separately for the exterior paint to pop out. Painting your home with a single colour can often make it appear dull. Therefore, it is good to have one or two accent colours that can make your house stand out.

A few things you need to consider while choosing exterior house colours are –

  • Shutters – Neutral colours are the best for shutters, but you might like coordinating with the trim or door colour with it.
  • Spindles & Railings – It is an excellent area to play with accent colours, or you could just go neutral.
  • Front Door – It is always a great idea to use bright colours that can make your front door pop.
  • Door & Window Trim – It is best to go with neutral accent colours.
  • Siding – It should ideally be the main colour focus point.

1.    Grey

Shades of grey are excellent for interior and exterior paint projects. Depending on the colour of your siding, you can use various accent colours. If you wish to apply light grey as your exterior colour, try out white and black accents. Having a dark grey home with white accents on the shutters and trim and a blue front door can be soothing and attractive at the same time. It is a colour scheme that won’t go out of style anytime soon. 

2.    Beige

If you like neutrals, you might want to consider beige as your exterior wall paint. You can pair it easily with white accents along with the front door, shutters, and trim to get a neat look. It is a great look for people who are planning to sell their house. However, you can add some colour to your home exteriors by using red as an accent colour for the railings and front door.

3.    Brown

Among all the exterior house colours, the brown shade is known to offer a rustic look to your home. When paired with the right colours, it can be pretty warm and inviting. Use neutral accents against colours like light, tan, or dark brown to make your exteriors pop out. You could also go for deep red or dark green as accent colours.

4.    Red

Homeowners who are looking for a bold look should consider choosing red as their exterior wall paint. However, you need to complement it with accent neutrals adequately. Dark grey and white go perfectly with red in order to make your house look warm and welcoming.

5.    Navy Blue

Navy blue appears to be an ideal exterior paint that is becoming increasingly popular. Pair it with bold red or white accents, and your house is sure to stand out in your neighbourhood.

Are you confused about choosing the right exterior house colours for your home? Try out these colour combinations to transform your home miraculously.