Here are some beauty preparations to get ready for your next vacation

If you are planning on going on vacation, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most important things to think about is to pack efficiently and make sure nothing gets left behind. In addition, most of us like to do a little pre-vacation beauty prep. This might involve a spray tan, bikini wax, hair and nails, or a little weight cut to look phenomenal in that cute new bikini. Below is a list of beauty treatments and steps you can take to ensure you look and feel your absolute best on your vacation.


If you’re planning a beach vacation, once you’re there, all you’re going to want to do is relax, which also means you shouldn’t have to worry about shaving. To avoid razor bumps and having to take your time shaving during your vacation, consider getting a wax. Waxing is quick and easy and will last you about two weeks, making your vacation a care free one. Whether it be your face, bikini zone, legs, arms, back, or chest, waxing can be a quick and easy hack for anyone who doesn’t want to waste their time shaving.


Tanning beds are outdated and terrible for your skin. If you  want a pre vacationing bronzed glow, you should opt for a safer version, such as a spray tan. You can also get a self tanning lotion, which safely and effectively gives you the glow you want, without damaging your skin.

Also be sure to take sunscreen on your trip with you to make sure that you don’t damage your skin through too much sun exposure. A minimum SPF of 30 is typically recommended for everyone, no matter how naturally dark your skin is.


Speaking of sun damage, wrinkles are one of the main results of spending too much time in the sun. In order to avoid those crows feet from forming while you’re squinting your eyes in the sun, you may want to book a quick visit to your local medical spa for some Botox to relax those muscles and have a beautiful, wrinkle free smile for amazing vacation photos. You can get Botox in your crow’s feet, but if you’d like you can also get it in your forehead to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles there, as well as between your eyebrows to avoid frown lines.

Dermal fillers

If you are planning on visiting your local medical spa, then you may also want to explore different filler options while you are there. Fillers are very common and popular, especially before getting ready to take amazing vacation photos. These injectable procedures are easy to come by and are available at places like this one that specialize in aesthetic medicine procedures. So what are the most popular dermal fillers to get? You can get fillers almost anywhere in your face, but it is no surprise that lip fillers are the most popular of them all. Not only do all your favorite celebrities and social media influencers have them, but they will look amazing when you’re taking big smiley photos during your trip. There are also a lot of different techniques that can be used to achieve all kinds of different lip shapes and looks. If you want to add a nice plump to your lips, a lip filler is definitely the way to go. 

Aside from a lip filler, you can also get an under eye or a cheek filler to make your whole face look more youthful and more awake. If you plan on having long nights out partying on your trip, these two are a must have! Of course, dermal fillers aren’t necessary, but if they are something that you are comfortable with, you may be surprised at what kind of amazing results they can lead to.


Let’s talk about outfits. A lot of us are guilty of just throwing all of the clothes that we think we may want to wear into a suitcase and calling it a day. This time, try to think a little more strategically, so you don’t end up with more vacation laundry than you even need when you get back from your trip. In order to efficiently pack your outfits, pack one outfit for each day and occasion. This is a great packing hack, which will spare you a lot of time trying to put together outfits once you’re already on your vacation, by bringing one of each article of clothing for each day. Also, you don’t need to pack 20 pairs of socks and underwear if you are only going for one week. 

Your full outfits should include shoes, pants (or skirt, etc.), a shirt or top, and accessories. Pack one to two of these full outfits for each day of your trip and you will save a lot of time trying to piece together an outfit with the many stray clothes you’ve decided to pack.

Pro tip: Don’t forget your bathing suit and an outfit for your trip back home!

Also be sure not to forget one of the most important things: your makeup! If you plan on wearing any makeup while you are on your trip, be sure to pack everything that you need. It’s easy to forget the little things that you are so used to having readily available to you, especially when it comes to toiletries.

Ultimately the most important thing is to go into your vacation feeling happy and excited, which also includes feeling confident in yourself. None of the above mentioned things are necessary, but do often help people feel confident and happy. The best part is that it will help relieve any stress that you may have to deal with during your trip, and you will be able to take some great vacation photos along the way. Your vacation should be all about having the time of your life, so focus on what makes you happy, make sure you prepare properly for your trip, and you will find yourself glowing on every one of your vacation photos.