Help save energy – Insulate any surface with Envirotrol Spray on Insulation.

Envirotrol’s high-tech spray-on insulation offers consumers an environmentally safe, ceramic-laced latex coating that acts as a highly efficient radiant heat barrier. The insulation can be sprayed onto hot pipes and components up to temperatures of 435 degrees Fahrenheit without taking the operating system offline. Or spray it on the outside or inside of buildings’ walls and roofs for superior insulation results in any color. Impervious to moisture and UV rays. CC-100 also acts as a sound-damping barrier. The installation of the Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 is made easy with the help of spray equipment and access to a network of distributors and qualified contractors.

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The company’s latest update is in line with its mission to provide customers with an easy-to-use spray-on insulation that is needed today to help save energy. With energy costs increasing very rapidly, and climate concerns on everyone’s mind, CC-100 time has come to help solve those concerns. Properly insulated spaces require less energy for heating, cooling, or protection, and help facilitate climate conservation. Envirotrol experts will assist in selecting efficient insulation and corrosion protection recommendations for any projects.

Envirotrol’s Ceramic Cover (CC-100) was first trademarked in 1994 and customers now have access to a wide range of certified applicators, as well as informative seminars and lunch-and-learn sessions that offer valuable knowledge on the insulation and protective coating features.

The company ensures that its installers are well-prepared to deliver quality service, meet clients’ shutdown, and repair work deadlines by providing rigorous product and installation training.

By spraying the CC-100 directly to the substrate, the risk of corrosion under insulation is eliminated. Additionally, the product can be applied to equipment without necessitating an operational shutdown, except in the case of cold, wet applications.

In a case study, Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 was applied to a hot air duct made of stainless steel, which had a duct surface temperature of approximately 200F in a pulp and paper plant located in the far north. The application of a two-coat or 40 mil coating reduced the duct surface temperature to 105F and effectively eliminated radiant heat, thereby increasing efficiency and personnel protection.

As a multifunctional product, the Ceramic Cover CC Systems 100 system is also suitable for a broad range of home insulation and sound-damping tasks, such as roof coating that safeguards the home from moisture and UV rays and minimizes the impact of heat expansion and cold contraction of metal roofs.

About Envirotrol, Inc.

Envirotrol, Inc. boasts a rich history in the industry, having been a prominent supplier of ceramic spray insulation for over twenty years. The company specializes in the delivery of corrosion protection and insulation solutions for a wide range of process equipment, vessels, tanks, piping, and commercial applications, such as food service, HVAC, electronic enclosures, and more.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Remember, there is a lot more to the great insulation and sound-damping ceramic coating than just adding some ceramic powder to a latex resin. We have succeeded due to the quality and versatility of CC-100 and our network of certified installers.”

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